When are Peaches in season?

When are Peaches in season?

When are Peaches in season in the US?

Like many other summer fruits, the best time for producing peaches is between May and August. Though in California, the peach season starts a month earlier than that in April, and can extend further by a month or so. This isn’t true for all brands of peach, but usually the freestone peaches that are extremely popular.

Whilst many people assume that many of the United States peaches are grown in Georgia, this isn’t totally true. Whilst Georgia does still grow a considerable amount of peaches, this isn’t as much as some areas of South Carolina and mainly California. In fact, California has consistently produced a significant amount more peaches than anywhere else in the United States for many years now.

When are Peaches in season in the UK?

Although you can find peaches available starting in June, they really enter the prime of the season throughout July, August and September. The heat of those summer months really enable the peach to grow as one of the most popular summer fruits in the UK.

Peaches are one of the less common fruits to be grown in the UK, though it is entirely possible. Check this video out of a delicious peach tree being grown in the UK;

Are peaches good for you?

Like many other fruits, peaches have certain characteristics that are certainly advantageous to anyone looking to get some nutritional benefits. Interestingly enough, they originate in China, where they actually are a symbol of friendship and long lasting life.

They’re relatively low in calories, which is always something that is a bonus of eating copious amounts of fruit. A small peach may only have 30 calories, whereas a larger peach can often be double that. They’re full of anti-oxidants, which helps to protect your cells and keep you healthy. Whilst they aren’t the lowest in carbohydrates, an average peach will only have around 10 grams of crabs, with 8 of those carbs coming from sugars. This isn’t bad for those on a low carbohydrate diet.

Peaches have also been noted to have a positive on your hair, and the selenium in the peaches has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer. They’re a natural diuretic, which means that they’re good for cleaning out your kidneys and bladder from all of the waste that gets trapped. Peach tea is extremely popular in China and is known as a kidney cleanser.

There are many other benefits of eating peaches, including reducing the risk of gout and other diseases. They’re also a natural aphrodisiac, so stock up on peaches before any late night love-making sessions.

Are peaches acidic?

Yes, peaches are acidic, though they aren’t as acidic as some of the other fruits available. They measure at a PH of around 4, which isn’t too acidic. If you’re worried about your peaches being too acidic, it’s a good idea to limit the amount of citrus fruits that you eat, though a peach isn’t a citrus fruit,

Favorite Peach recipes

  • Peach Cobbler – It stands to reason that the peach cobbler is the first recipe that we’ve suggested. The cobbler is the staple dessert in many houses, a with good reason; it’s delicious. This recipe is super simple for any newbies to making desserts.
  • Spicy Peach Chutney – Whilst Mango Chutney is the one that gets all the attention, a nice peach chutney is a surprise for the tastebuds. You won’t find any other flavors quite like a spicy peach chutney.
  • Two Crust Peach Pie – It seems peaches were made to be enjoyed in delicious desserts. Peach pies are a great alternative to the more popular options of apple or cherry.
  • Peach Avocado Salsa – Maybe our favorite recipe, peach avocado salsa is revolutionary for the tastebuds. This goes great with fish, chicken or just simply with tortilla chips.

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