When are Cherries in season?

When are Cherries in season?

When are Cherries in season in the US?

Like strawberries, cherries are extremely popular throughout California. The prime of the season begins in April, continuing through to around June, where then the cherry chase progresses in a Northernly direction wit the weather. The prime time for the cherries in Cali is around June, towards the end of their prime season cherry producing time.

Washington is another prime cherry producer, taking over from California in June and producing cherries all the way through to August. Their peak time is around July, when the temperature is just perfect for some delicious cherries. Unlike some other fruits, cherries do not last well in storage. This makes them an entirely seasonal fruit, unlike many other fruits that can be stored for several months and age well.

Can cherries grow in Florida?

The answer? Yes and no. Traditional cherries cannot grow properly in Florida due to the tropical temperature. Though, it’s this same tropical temperature that helps produce some of the other, less known types of cherries that can be grown down in Florida.

Though the types of cherries that are produced in Florida are stereotypically not eaten normal; they’re used in wines, jams and delicious cakes. The most common types of this cherry are the black cherry and the Barbados cherry, which grown extremely well in certain areas of Florida.

When are Cherries in season in the UK?

Due to the temperature of the UK, cherries are only really available to be picked during the height of summer in July and August. This makes this the bets time to buy cherries, and they can command high prices throughout the other months of the year. Though because cherries are less produced than other fruits, they often command a high price anyway.

Cherries are a great fruit to pick your own, though it’s not easy to find cherry farms in the UK. They’re scattered throughout the UK, with a large concentration of them being in central England. Check here if you want to find a farm where you can pick your own!

Are cherries good for me?

Cherries are relatively low in calories, containing around 50 calories for every 100g (roughly half a cup). This isn’t the lowest however, as they do have a fairly high sugar count. Though of course, this sugar is incomparable to unhealthy sugars from other unnatural sources. It does mean that they aren’t great for those following a super low carb diet, as each cup of cherries has around 26g of carbohydrates, with two thirds of that being sugar. They do contain a fair amount of fiber to compensate, though.

Unlike other fruits, cherries contain a good amount of melatonin. Melatonin is an important factor in helping you to get to sleep. So, if you’re struggling to get to sleep every night, then a few cherries before bedtime could be a good option to help you drift off.

Cherries are also a great antioxidant, filled with Anthocyanins and Cyanidin that will help prevent cell damage. They’re great for protecting you against stroke, and helping your body fight against pains such as arthritis.

Our favorite cherry recipes

  • Fresh Cherry Cake with Cinnamon – Although it’s not the healthiest thing you can make with your cherries, it’s no doubt one of the most delicious things you can make!
  • Cherry Chicken Lettuce Wraps – Eager to prove that you don’t just have to keep it sweet with cherries, this is a great savoury lunchtime option. The cherries elevate these chicken wraps to the next level!
  • Truffle Cherries – These truffle cherries are the most luxurious cherry recipe that we’ve ever seen. A great choice for any party or hosting event.
  • Cherry blondies – These cherry blondies are a welcome addition for any dessert lover. They’re also ridiculously easy to make, which is a bonus.

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