What are the best pistachio ice cream brands?

What are the best pistachio ice cream brands?

I love pistachio ice cream. There, I said it.

It’s undoubtedly one of my favorite flavors of ice cream, but unfortunately I don’t always get the time to make it myself. When I am short on time, I don’t mind picking some up from the store. But, what are the best pistachio ice cream brands?

Unfortunately, not all pistachio ice creams are equal. Depending on what your preference is, a different brand of pistachio ice cream may be more suited to you. Me? I like mine extra nutty, so it’s important I find a brand what uses a lot of pistachios in their recipe. Here, we’ll have a look through who the top brands are and whether they’re worth spending your cash on them.

Best Pistachio Ice Cream Brands

Talenti Sicilian Pistachio


Calories per half cup (94g): 210

Talenti produce some of the best ice creams and sorbettos. So much so, that I frequently list their products as one of my favorite brands.

This pistachio ice cream is definitely no different. If you like your ice cream extremely creamy, then is undoubtedly the best option for you. The way that this ice cream is churned also makes it the closest to an actual gelateria ice cream; really, it’s very high quality.

It’s also full of pistachios! Some other brands (which I’ll mention later) skimp on the ‘stachios, which leaves me thoroughly upset. If you love to actually taste the creamy ice cream and have it filled with nuts, this is undoubtedly the best pistachio ice cream for you and my favorite option.

Haagen Dazs Pistachio Ice Cream


Calories per half cup (108g): 280

Is it any surprise to see Haagen Dazs as one of the top brands of pistachio ice cream? They’re commonly known as one of the best ice cream brands around the world, beiing exceeded in popularity only by Ben & Jerrys.

This particular ice cream is pretty light on the nuts, which make it impossible to choose it as my very favorite. Though I do like the creamy texture, so if you prefer your pitachio ice cream with less nuts, then this one would be a good option for you.

Turkey Hill Pistachio


Calories per half cup (66g): 150

One of the lesser known brands if you’re not from the US is Turkey Hill (if you’re from the Midwest, you’ll indoubtedly have heard of them!). But although Turkey Hill don’t have the big advertising schemes that other brands do, that doesn’t mean to say that they don’t produce some quality ice cream.

This particular pistachio ice cream is pretty good quality, and a bit lower in calories than it’s competitors. Although it doesn’t have as many nuts in it as I’d personally like, it’s good if you prefer a smoother pistachio ice cream.

Ben & Jerrys Pistachio Pistachio


Calories per half cup(108g): 280

Pistachio Pistachio is probably the most popular pistachio ice cream brand around, and there’s a pretty good reason for this. Ben & Jerrys reputation precedes them, so it’s automatically assumed that their pistachio ice cream is the best. But is that really true?

Well in my opinion, not really. It’s not really pistachio ice cream as it’s meant to be – it’s more like vanilla ice cream with some pistachio in it. In fact in my opinion, it actually tastes a lot more like almonds than pistachio! This is probably due to the amount of almond extract that’s used in it, which means that I can’t put it as my favorite pistachio ice cream. It’s still okay, but it’s not top quality in my opinion.

Bluebell Pistachio Almond


Calories per half cup (100g): 230

In 2015, when Bluebell announced the return of their pistachio almond ice cream, a part of me rejoiced inside. Undoubtedly one of my favorite flavors of theirs, I was excited to try it again.

And I wasn’t disappointed! If you like to opt for a thicker ice cream, then this one is going to be your best bet. It’s a lot less pistachio-ey (yes, that’s a word) than the other brands however, so bare than in mind before you purchase.


To conclude, I’m sticking with Talenti as my favorite pistachio ice cream by some distance. I love most of their products. That doesn’t mean to say you should dismiss the other flavors on my list, however; everyone prefers something different, right? Sometimes, I like to make homemade ice cream.

The fun part is trying them all, and finding out which one you prefer the most! Of course if you wanted, you can always make some ice cream yourself! Be sure to let me know in the comments what your favorite pistachio ice cream brand is!

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  1. I’m with you! Talenti is fabulous. Haven’t had a flavor I didn’t like and think it was the best. Blue Bell is also good 🙂

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