What are the best pistachio ice cream brands?


I love pistachio ice cream. There, I said it.

It’s undoubtedly one of my favorite flavors of ice cream, but unfortunately I don’t always get the time to make it myself. When I am short on time, I don’t mind picking some up from the store. But, what are the best pistachio ice cream brands?

Unfortunately, not all pistachio ice creams are equal. Depending on what your preference is, a different brand of pistachio ice cream may be more suited to you. Me? I like mine extra nutty, so it’s important I find a brand what uses a lot of pistachios in their recipe. Here, we’ll have a look through who the top brands are and whether they’re worth spending your cash on them.

Best Pistachio Ice Cream Brands

Talenti Sicilian Pistachio


Calories per half cup (94g): 210

Talenti produce some of the best ice creams and sorbettos. So much so, that I frequently list their products as one of my favorite brands.

This pistachio ice cream is definitely no different. If you like your ice cream extremely creamy, then is undoubtedly the best option for you. The way that this ice cream is churned also makes it the closest to an actual gelateria ice cream; really, it’s very high quality.

It’s also full of pistachios! Some other brands (which I’ll mention later) skimp on the ‘stachios, which leaves me thoroughly upset. If you love to actually taste the creamy ice cream and have it filled with nuts, this is undoubtedly the best pistachio ice cream for you and my favorite option.

Haagen Dazs Pistachio Ice Cream


Calories per half cup (108g): 280

Is it any surprise to see Haagen Dazs as one of the top brands of pistachio ice cream? They’re commonly known as one of the best ice cream brands around the world, beiing exceeded in popularity only by Ben & Jerrys.

This particular ice cream is pretty light on the nuts, which make it impossible to choose it as my very favorite. Though I do like the creamy texture, so if you prefer your pitachio ice cream with less nuts, then this one would be a good option for you.

Turkey Hill Pistachio


Calories per half cup (66g): 150

One of the lesser known brands if you’re not from the US is Turkey Hill (if you’re from the Midwest, you’ll indoubtedly have heard of them!). But although Turkey Hill don’t have the big advertising schemes that other brands do, that doesn’t mean to say that they don’t produce some quality ice cream.

This particular pistachio ice cream is pretty good quality, and a bit lower in calories than it’s competitors. Although it doesn’t have as many nuts in it as I’d personally like, it’s good if you prefer a smoother pistachio ice cream.

Ben & Jerrys Pistachio Pistachio


Calories per half cup(108g): 280

Pistachio Pistachio is probably the most popular pistachio ice cream brand around, and there’s a pretty good reason for this. Ben & Jerrys reputation precedes them, so it’s automatically assumed that their pistachio ice cream is the best. But is that really true?

Well in my opinion, not really. It’s not really pistachio ice cream as it’s meant to be – it’s more like vanilla ice cream with some pistachio in it. In fact in my opinion, it actually tastes a lot more like almonds than pistachio! This is probably due to the amount of almond extract that’s used in it, which means that I can’t put it as my favorite pistachio ice cream. It’s still okay, but it’s not top quality in my opinion.

Bluebell Pistachio Almond


Calories per half cup (100g): 230

In 2015, when Bluebell announced the return of their pistachio almond ice cream, a part of me rejoiced inside. Undoubtedly one of my favorite flavors of theirs, I was excited to try it again.

And I wasn’t disappointed! If you like to opt for a thicker ice cream, then this one is going to be your best bet. It’s a lot less pistachio-ey (yes, that’s a word) than the other brands however, so bare than in mind before you purchase.


To conclude, I’m sticking with Talenti as my favorite pistachio ice cream by some distance. I love most of their products. That doesn’t mean to say you should dismiss the other flavors on my list, however; everyone prefers something different, right? The fun part is trying them all, and finding out which one you prefer the most! Of course if you wanted, you can always make some ice cream yourself! Be sure to let me know in the comments what your favorite pistachio ice cream brand is!

50 Ice Cream Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


So, you find ice cream kinda interesting huh? Well, me too. So much so in fact that I’ve compiled this list of some of the best and weirdest ice cream facts that you’ll find on the entire internet! So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some super weird ice cream facts that you’ll undoubtedly find as interesting as I do.

1. We still don’t know who invented ice cream

Although we know ice cream travelled over to Europe from the Middle East back in the 1600s, we aren’t entirely sure how the first ice cream was made. Ice cream was developed from sherbet (or Sharbat, as the Egyptians called it), which the Pharaohs used to enjoy to quench their thirst in the heat. After this, sherbet travelled to Europe (how this happened is unknown too, though some myths say Marco Polo brought ice cream back from China, to the Middle East and onto Europe).

2. The average ice cream cone takes around 50 licks to finish it completely

Now, this isn’t an exact science, but it’s estimated that your average one scoop ice cream that you get will take around 50 licks to finish it completely. But, who gets one scoop anyways, right?

3. Apparently, the Ice Cream Sundae was really invented on a Sunday

Though not definite, it’s said that the name Ice Cream Sundae actually originates because they were made specifically for a Sunday dessert.

Apparently, serving ice cream sodas was illegal on a Sunday many years ago (for religious reasons, respectively). A gentleman named Ed Berners decided to get around this law by inventing the ice cream Sundae and serving that instead. All I can say is; Thanks, Ed.

4. The Worlds Tallest Ice Cream Cone was over 2.7m tall until 2015

For a long time, the world’s tallest ice cream cone was only a measly 2.7m tall. I know, pathetic right? Well, that was until 2015, when Norwegian Hennig-Olsen IS As and Trond L Wøien created a behemoth that exceeded the 3 metre mark. A job well done, guys.


5. The Most Popular Ice Cream Topping?

Is it sprinkles? Is it whipped cream? Well no, it’s chocolate syrup of course! Whilst my biased love for whipped cream on top of my ice cream almost prevent me from saying this, chocolate syrup is the top dog. Not that I have anything against a healthy dose of chocolate syrup..

6. The Waffle Cone was invented.. by accident!

Whilst the Waffle Cone is one of the most loved variations of ice cream to date, it was actually invented by accident!

One day in 1904 in Missouri, an ice cream seller realised that he had totally run out if ice cream cones. To deal with this and the demand of his customers, he spoke to a waffle vendor and decided to combine to two together.. they proved to be a massive hit!

7. Between 87-90% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer right now!

Although the exact amount is unknown, it’s estimated that more than 87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer at this very moment. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing looking at the obesity rate in the US, but hey – you can’t just blame ice cream for that, right?

8. Kiwis are the only Nation that consume for Ice Cream than America!

New Zealanders are the only country that consume more ice cream than Americans. In comparison to this, India are the country who consume the least ice cream.

9. It takes more than 3 Gallons of Milk for just 1 Gallon of Ice Cream

Whilst this does vary depending on the brand you buy or how you make your ice cream, it’s generally accepted that you need 3 times the amount of milk to make a gallon of ice cream. I’m sorry milk, but’s it’s a sacrifice we had to make. Let’s hope the ice cream doesn’t go off!

10. In the 1700s, only the wealthiest Americans enjoyed Ice Cream

Although it likely wasn’t ice cream as we know it to be today, only the wealthiest Americans spent their hard earned money making ice cream back in the 18th Century. Of course, this is before the invention of the modern refrigerator, so it makes sense that the majority weren’t able to enjoy the delicious treat.

11. Brain Freeze Occurs Most when it hits the top of your mouth

Every wondered what really makes brain freeze occur in your mouth? Well, we know that brain freeze occurs when something touches the roof of your mouth. This triggers your sinuses and irritates your nerves, giving you a brain freeze.

12. Over 20% of us are happy to share our ice cream with our dogs and other pets


This will either make you smile because it’s cute, or wince with disgust. Over 20% of people are happy to let our dogs and cats have a little lick of our ice cream and carry on eating it ourselves. I mean, it’s no different than when your dog kisses you in the face is it?

13. Vanilla is still the top flavor in terms of popularity 

Boring vanilla, right? Wrong! Whilst you might think vanilla is kinda boring, it’s actually the most popular flavor in the United States and globally. It’s interesting to read just how these little vanilla pods spread throughout the world and become the most popular ice cream flavor.

14. 8 degrees is the optimal temperature for serving ice cream

Whilst your ice cream doesn’t have to be exactly 8 degrees to be an optimal temperature, it’s a good target. Most vendors will try to keep their ice cream somewhere between 6 and 10 degrees , so 8 degrees is a good target to ensure your ice cream is between these two levels.

15. Chocolate ice cream was actually invented before vanilla!

Believe it or not, chocolate ice cream was actually invented before vanilla ice cream. This is likely because it was much easier for ice cream maker to get hold of cocoa than get hold of vanilla beans.

16. If you get brain freeze, hold your tongue against the roof of your mouth to combat it

I already mentioned that the reason we get brain freeze is when ice cream touches the top of our mouths. But the best way to stop the brain freeze this? Well, the best way to combat this is to put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, which cools down the sinuses and allows your nerves to return to normal.

17. The average person in the United States consumes almost 50 pints of ice cream a year (that’s one per week!)

Do you consume a pint of ice cream a week? If you do, you’re just about average. And although ice cream consumption has decreased slightly, it’s still one of the most popular desserts in the World.

18. The largest ice cream sundae was 24 tons in weight!


The largest ice cream sundae was made in Edmonton, Alberta and it weighed in at a whopping 24 tons. That’s the same as around 6 Asian elephants, or 20 small mini coopers.

19. Sunday is historically the best day for ice cream sales.

As you might expect, Sunday is usually the best day for ice cream sales throughout the world. This is likely because Sunday is the best times to sit back and relax with your favorite delicious frozen treat!

20. Did you know there was a hot dog ice cream?

Though you might be slightly disgusted by this, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Combining two of the most popular summer snacks to make the hot dog ice cream, Morgenstens made something unique that many people were queuing up to buy. I’ll let you decide whether it’s delicious or kinda weird.

21. July is still known an ‘National Ice Cream Month” in America

Although you might not know it, July is actually still known as National Ice Cream month in the US. The celebrations usually take place on the third Sunday of the month and originated in 1984.

22. We don’t know who developed ice cream more; the French or the Italians

Image: disneyfoodblog.com

Though ice cream is openly thought to be an Italian thing, many people think that ice cream developed more in Paris. So much so, that you’ll find some of the most delicious ice cream shops in the French capital.

23. Here’s the first ice cream recipe ever recored in the US

Whilst the definite creator of ice cream is still unknown, we do know where the first ice cream recipe ever recorded is.

24. Pecans are the most popular nut addition in any ice cream


Pecans.. really? That’s exactly what I thought when I read that pecans are the most popular nut addition to an ice cream. To me, this is almost a travesty. Hazelnut, anyone?

25. And fruit? You guessed it – strawberry chunks are the most popular fruit chunk

Whilst pecans surprised me, this one didn’t. Strawberry chunks are the most popular addition to an ice cream globally, which makes sense as strawberry ice cream is one of the top 3 flavors!

26. It’s a great source of phosphorous

I bet you thought ice cream was entirely bad for you. Well, there are some positives about ice cream. It’s a good source of phosphorous, which your body needs to function (it’s the second most abundant mineral after calcium).

27. Ice cream has a bad rep! It’s a great source of vitamin A and vitamin B, too

You’d actually be surprised by some of the good minerals and vitamins that you’ll find in a delicious ice cream. You’ll get some A, B, C and a variety of other goodies, which makes me feel a little less guilty about the high sugar and fat content.

28. The first commercial ice cream factory was set up in Baltimore

During the early 1800s, ice cream was only sold on a small scale – like your local shop or ice cream man. It wasn’t until the mid 1800s that ice cream started to be produced on a bigger scale. The man behind this was Jacob Fussell, a local Quaker. He was selling other dairy products, and using his leftover cream to make ice cream. As demand grew, Fussel decided to go all in on his ice cream production.

29. Ice cream is a $20 billion dollar industry

Yep, you heard that right. Although Ice cream sales have declined slightly, they are still worth well in excess of $20 billion a year, especially with all the new ice cream brands being introduced. Impressive right?

30. Air is actually one of the most important ingredients of ice cream

Air is underestimated, and without it we wouldn’t be able to enjoy ice cream the same way. Ever had a bowl of ice cream that melted, then you refroze it and it just didn’t taste as good? Well, this is because almost half of the volume of ice cream is made up of air (between 30-50%).

31. John Harrison, professional ice cream taster, had his tongue insured for a cool $1 million

Dreyer’s ice cream tester John Harrison tasted so much ice cream, that he had his tongue insured for a million dollars. He’s reported as tasting millions of gallons of ice cream in his long serving career at Dreyer’s.

32. Canadians like to eat their ice cream in winter

Canada is one of the only ‘cold’ countries that actually sell more ice cream through the winter months than in the summer. Weird, right?

33. Is this the weirdest ice cream ever?


And it’s available at only $220 a scoop.. bargain, right?

34. Ice cream should have a minimum 10% fat content unless stated

If you look at some of the more expensive brands, they’ll have a fat content of over 15%, but cheaper brands may only have a fat content of 10%. To be considered a true ice cream, it must have a minimum fat content of 10%.

35. Gelato should have a slightly lower fat content, at around 8%


With a slightly lower fat content than ice cream is gelato, although the majority of people don’t know the difference between the two.

36. Sorbet has no milk whatsoever (and if it does, it’s sherbet!)

Sorbet is traditionally an excellent option for vegans eating at a restaurant. Why? Well, you don’t need to worry about milk or other ingredients as it only generally has three; fruit juice/puree, water and sugar! Sorbet is a fantastic choice if you’re suffering from allergies and want to stop getting colds and sore throats.

38. President George Washington spent $200 a year on ice cream

It’s no secret that George Washington loved his ice cream. He would often use it as a welcoming gift for guests and other leaders coming to visit the United States. As you can imagine, this means he racked up a pretty substantial bill.

39. Deep fried ice cream is extremely popular in South East Asian Countries

If you’ve never tried deep fried ice cream, then you simply have to! It’s one of the most unique things that you can try, and many South East Asian countries enjoy deep fried ice cream as a dessert.

40. Almost 20% of Americans like to eat ice cream in bed (me too!)

Where do you like to eat your ice cream? Well, over 20% of American’s like to enjoy their ice cream in their bed, which sounds pretty darn good to me!

41. Back in the day, they used mashed potato instead of ice cream on TV shows

Wondering why? Well, ice cream would actually melt way too fast for the television shows because the lights were too hot. This would leave them with runny ice cream; not good for demonstrating how to make ice cream!

42. Ron Weasley loves ice cream more than you


If you thought that you loved ice cream, then you’re probably right; but not as much as Harry potter star Rupert Grint. Rupert loves ice cream so much that after starring in the multi billion dollar franchise, he bought his own ice cream van.

43. The Frozen Haute is still the most expensive ice cream ever at $25,000

If you’ve never heard of the Frozen Haute, then there’s a chance that you probably don’t want to. It sold back in 2007 for a whopping $25,000, making it the most expensive ice cream of all time.

44. Ice cream is one of the most missed food by astronauts


Ice cream is one of the top 3 missed foods by astronauts as they ascend into space for long periods of time. The others? Pizza and fizzy drinks.

45. In Glasgow, Ice Cream was a matter of life and death.. literally


Okay, so the infamous Ice Cream Wars was about more than just ice cream – it was about drugs and guns too. And the likelihood is that the ice cream trucks were just a cover for some more dark and sinister stuff.

46. Which State produces the most ice cream in the United States?

California! It’s no surprise that the largest US state produces the most amount of ice cream. There’s an abundance of awesome ice creams shops there for you to try.

47. 1 in 30 people like to enjoy an ice cream in the.. bathtub?

Much like many of the mysteries in life, some things just cannot be explained. Around 3% of people like to enjoy their ice cream whilst they’re chilling in the tub.

48. Ben & Jerrys is so chunky because the founder has no sense of smell or taste

One of the more commonly known facts shared by Ben and Jerrys founders is that the reason they produce such chunky ice cream is that founder Ben actually has no sense of smell, and very little taste. He still likes the text of eating chunky ice cream, which is why their ice creams are filled with nuts and other chunks. Sorry Ben, but we can can we’re almost glad you have no sense of smell; we love some of your chunky ice creams!

49. Immigrants to Ellis Island were given Ice Cream on their arrival


Back in the late 1800s, immigrants that landed at Ellis Island were often greeted with.. you guessed it, ice cream!

50. 1776 was the year the first ice cream parlour was opened in the United States!

Whilst the first ice cream parlour was opened in 1686 in Paris, it was 90 years later that the first ice cream parlour was opened in the United States in NYC.

A Comprehensive Guide to Sorbet and Sorbetto


If you’ve ever wondered what’s in your sorbet (or sorbetto), where it comes from and what the best flavors are, then boy have I got a treat for you!

I love sorbet. It’s my second love, closely behind regular ice cream – in fact, there’s many sorbets that beat ice cream hands down! Sorbet can be a great alternative to ice cream if you’re looking for something a little different than ice cream. There are a few reasons for this, which I’ll touch on a little later. Let’s have a look at where sorbet originates first, then a few other questions which I think need resolving.

A Comprehensive Guide to Sorbet and Sorbetto

Sorbet Meaning

Sorbet literally means “a water ice”, though the common perception of what a sorbet is is that it mans a fruit puree, sugar and ice (water).

It has taken on several different meanings throughout the years, but the common perception is what we’ll be considering today. Of course, first we will have a look at the history of sorbet and where the name derives from.

Sorbet History

Both Sorbet and Ice cream are thousands of years old and have been traced back to Asian cultures who used to crush their ice, then pour flavourings on them to taste. This is the original sorbet. You’ll notice several different eras in history where they made a variation of sorbet, which is essentially ice or water with fruit juices or puree. You can see examples of this back in ancient times, with the pharaohs offering their guests a variation of this through to the bible, where there are many examples of people enjoying ice with fruit.

The name sorbet undoubtedly derives from Arabic, where over a thousand years ago they would drink ‘sharabt’ – which eventually became sherbet. Sharabt is essentially just an icy drink mad with fruits – it was not long before European and Western cultures ended up adapting their own versions of this recipe.

Depending on who you speak to – and what you want to truly believe – there are many different ways that sorbet travelled from the Middle East through to Europe. If we want to really trace back where sorbet comes from and how it got to France and Italy, then we can go back to the 1500s.

An Example of a Sorbet Seller in Italy.

Many people trace the first genuine sorbet back to Antonio Latini in the 1600s, where he is traced as writing the first recipes in his cookbooks for Sorbetti. From there, sorbet developed into ice cream and spread throughout Europe and eventually into America.

What is sorbetto vs sorbet

This is another common question, as it seems some companies prefer to use the term “sorbetto” as opposed to “sorbet”. It there a valid reason for this, or is it just very clever marketing?

Well, there is actually. Whilst in America the terms tend to mean the same thing and someone referring to a sorbetto will generally be referring to a sorbet, in Italy they mean slightly different things. In the South of Italy, a sorbetto will refer to a slightly creamier version of a sorbet that uses a higher ratio or fruit. This may be different in different regions, but this is what I know to be a sorbet.

Or course, the words sorbet and sorbetto are different in origin; sorbetto is Italian, whereas sorbet is French.

Does sorbet have dairy?

A traditional sorbet most definitely does NOT have any dairy in it! Remember that generally, sorbet is only the 3 ingredients of fruit puree, sugar and water. Nothing else!

If you’re adding milk to your sorbet, then you’re not making a sorbet any more – you’re making a sherbet! The general rules are that an ice cream is heavily based on cream, whereas a gelato has more milk than an ice cream. A sorbet and a sherbet are more fruit puree based desserts than ice cream and gelato.

Is sorbet ice cream?

Some people like to consider sorbet as a subsection of ice cream, it really depends on how you view things. Technically though, they aren’t similar at all – I guess they are churned pretty similarly, but that really doesn’t make sorbet and ice cream the same thing in my opinion.

Is sorbet Vegan?

Yes, one of the best things about sorbet opposed to ice cream is that sorbet is suitable for vegans. This means that you don’t need to worry about upsetting your vegan friends by serving sorbet at your dinner party.

Ever wonder why so many restaurants always have a sorbet on the menu? It’s the go to vegan option for many, as so many other desserts are usually not vegan friendly.

Sorbet Calories

The calories in sorbet are relatively low if you compare them with other frozen desserts. One of the reasons that I’ll opt for a sorbet over an ice cream is that I can polish off a whole tub without feeling too guilty about it!

Remember though that although the calories may be slightly lower, you’re usually going to get a bit more sugar in a sorbet. So, if this is something that concerns you then you could look at other options.

So is Sorbet Healthy?

This depends on the brand and variation of sorbet that you buy, as well as your definition of what “healthy” is. Many people associate the high sugars in sorbet with unhealthiness, so it does depend on what you mean by healthy.

The good thing about sorbet is that it can be made entirely from natural ingredient pretty easily. This means that you don’t really need to worry about lots of additives in sorbet – though you should always check the label first. This makes sorbet pretty healthy in this aspect, if you’re trying to avoid lots of additives in your food.

Is a Sorbet Maker different to an Ice Cream Maker?

No! No no no! One of the biggest marketing schemes I’ve seen in this industry is people trying to sell a ‘sorbet maker’ because it’s more classy and dignified than an ice cream maker. Well, I’ve got news for you.. they do exactly the same thing! If you can make ice cream, then you can also make sorbet in the same appliance. Get yourself a good ice cream maker that can do both.

Can you make sorbet without ice cream maker?

Yes, you can! Although it might not be as creamy as what you can get with an ice cream maker, you can still make a good quality sorbet without using an ice cream maker.

Can you make sorbet in a blender?

Yes! This is the best way to make sorbet if you aren’t using an ice cream maker. If you want to learn a bit more about how to make sorbet in a blender, check out this handy video that goes through the processes that you need to take to make a good sorbet without churning.

Sorbet brands

I’m often asked what my opinion on what the best brands that make sorbet and ice cream are. It’s not easy to say, because I’m extremely pick when it comes to this kind of stuff. I’m hesitant to recommend any brands of sorbet, you should go and try them out yourself! Okay, okay.. here’s some brands that I particularly like;

Talenti Sorbetto – The first brand that I’d recommend if you’re looking to try a delicious sorbetto is undoubtedly Talenti. They make some really high quality frozen desserts, even if their prices are a bit expensive.

Haagen Dazs – I know it’s an obvious recommendation, but Haagen Dazs sorbet is a pretty great option. They’re a good balance between quality and price, so if you see it on special in your local supermarket then you should definitely consider purchasing some!

Ciao Bella – Although not my very favorite brand, Ciao Bella sorbets are pretty delicious and you can often find them at good prices in your local supermarkets. Don’t forget to try and few different brands and see which one works best for you.

Best sorbet flavors

Again, the best sorbet flavors is a subjective question that isn’t particularly easy to answer. I’ll go with my personal preferences, though you need to make up your own mind!

Mango – Mango is a great sorbet flavor if you want somehting that isn’t too overwhelming for your taste. Some flavors just work better with sorbet than they do with ice cream, mango being a prime example of this. You can get a great mango ice cream too, but I much prefer a mango sorbet to avoid the milky texture.

Lemon – Any citrus fruit will work amazingly with sorbet, with lemon likely being the most popular. This is because the tangy taste will delight certain peoples tastebuds – though I have friends who hate lemon sorbet with a passion! Its definitely an acquired taste.

Chocolate – Chocolate sorbet is one of the most underrated flavors of sorbet, it’s truly delicious! It works well with sorbet, even though you don’t have the milky texture, you can still enjoy a nice chocolate sorbet.

There are many, many more sorbet flavors that you may end up loving if you give them the chance! Sorbet is really something that works well with all different kinds of flavors, especially flavors that are citrus or alcoholic!

Can you make sorbet without sugar

Not really. Some people like to use fake sugars to make their sorbet, or they’ll try and make it without any sugar at all – this isn’t really sorbet. To get a truly delicious sorbet, you need to have some sort of sugar ingredient there to make it a sorbet, otherwise it’s just fruit puree!

What else can I do with a sorbet?

Sorbet Balls – Sorbet Balls can be a great addition to your champagne or any drink, really. If you’re having a dinner party, sorbet balls can add a little extra to your menu.


Sorbet Shake – Is a sorbet shake just a fruit juice? Well, no not really. A sorbet shake can be a delicious addition to any meal, giving you a thicker texture than a regular juice. Perfect for those summer months!

Sorbet Cake – Sorbet is an awesome ingredient and can be included as part of any cake, as it won’t melt too quickly and can give a certain kick to it.


In conclusion, Sorbet is one of the finer things in life. It’s a dessert that you can really enjoy, without being too concerned about the calorie content because they’re pretty low. The minimal fat content in sorbet makes it great for a diet if you’re trying to cut calories, which is why I sometimes even tend to prefer sorbet over ice cream (sacrilege!).

Cool Ice Cream Bars for Weddings


Ice cream bars have become increasingly popular over recent years. This is probably because they’re not just fun for kids; they’re great for adults too! Depending on what you’re looking for, there’s likely going to be a perfect ice cream bar for your wedding. First, let’s through a few ideas on what some of the best ice cream bars around I’ve seen so far.

General Ice Cream Bar for Weddings

This one is a good example of an option you could take if you’re having a larger wedding (50 people +). The majority of wedding caterers will help you design this, but it can be fun to do it all yourself.

The benefit of using a big ice cream bar like this one is that for the most part, people can help themselves. This will give your friends and family the wow! factor, especially the kids (as you can see in the video!). The one negative about having a huge ice cream bars with lots of different toppings and ice cream types is that you’re likely to have a lot left over, which if you’re like me is a nightmare. I haaate waste, so there’s nothing worse than thinking about throwing away the rainbow sprinkles if no one decided to eat them.

Ultimately, this is a great choice if you’re looking for something to impress your friends and family.

Some other great ideas

If you like big scoops, then big bowls and big spoons are the way to go! This is a great idea much like the first video, giving your friends and family the opportunity to help themselves.

WARNING: This one will only work in the summer! If you’re having your wedding outdoors, then it can be a good option to go for sundae glasses for your ice cream. This is really just for aesthetics, but you can’t deny it looks great!

Another idea you could opt for is to invite your very own ice cream man to serve ice cream at your wedding! This is a great idea if you don’t feel like you’re going to use everything, as the majority of the time you can find an ice cream man in your area will to turn up and use his stock.

Another idea with can add to the cuteness factor of the whole thing is to let your kids – or other peoples kids – serve the ice cream! Here, you can see they got their kids to charge 5c and 10c an ice cream – super cute!

Now, an ice cream bar doesn’t always have to be a massive deal. If you want to downsize things, then you could just opt for a smaller table filled with different option for your guests.

Ideas for Cute Ice Cream Bars Signs


This one is my favorite – it’s the cutest! Head over to Crafty Wedding for some other ideas that are almost as cute as this one.

If you don’t mind things getting a bit cheesy, then this could be a good one for you too. You’re the sprinkles on my ice cream? You’re not going to get much cheesier than that (and that’s just how we like it, too!).

The Rustic look just seems to work with ice cream, don’t ask me why. Going for a rustic look will likely suit the theme of any wedding, unless you’re going for something out of the box.

Styling your ice cream cups is one of the easier ways to help make your wedding unique to you. These ones are super cute!

If this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, then I don’t want to know you! Only kidding, but you’d be hard pressed to find something cuter than this spoon set.

Some tips for your first ice cream bar

Everything can be cute customized!

From the ice cream itself to the cones you’re using to eat, to the spoons you might be using to eat them! Everything can be customized in a cute way. A good option is to make this part of your wedding pack – include a personally customized spoon for all your guests!

Go for something different

If you want to liven things up a bit, you could opt for some really unique flavors that you might not have tried before. Check out a list of the best toppings and see if there’s anything that tickles your fancy.

Pre scoop your ice cream

If you want to make things super simple for your guests, then you could opt to pre scoop your ice cream in advance. Doing this will save a lot of time and make things much easier for your guests to get enough ice cream for them.

Chocolate Bowls!

If you can get the temperature right, then chocolate bowls can be a really great choice to give your guests something unique. This is a great idea for anyone looking for something a little different!


Overall, it’s really down to use to decide which of these may be best for your wedding. It’s a good idea to contact a local caterer or ice cream specialist to find out what may be the easiest option for you.

What’s the Healthiest Fast Food Ice Cream? Mcflurry vs Blizzard


Have you ever wondered what ice cream you can pick up on the go that won’t destroy your diet? Well, you’ll likely want to know what the healthiest fast food ice cream is. With less and less restaurants serving ice cream in favour of milkshakes and thickshakes, it’s harder and harder to find a decent ice cream. But don’t despair; I’m here to help.

With the majority of Starbucks getting rid of their introduction of ice cream, is this a sign that people don’t really want ice cream as their dessert any longer? Or is it just a sign that serving ice cream and coffee together doesn’t work the same as after a full meal?

For this question, we’re looking at the staples of the menu – not the occasional promotional ice cream that these fast food restaurants may features. We want reliability in our ice cream – you can’t offer me a limited edition peanut butter fudge deluxe uber delicious sundae one day, then take it away the next. It’s just not fair.

What’s the Healthiest Fast Food Ice Cream?

McDonalds – Oreo McFlurry


The King. The ruler of them all. Undoubtedly the most popular dessert in the United States, the McFlurry commands respect by all those who choose to eat it.

No, but seriously, the McFlurry is an extremely popular option all around the world. Now, it’s difficult to fit into your dieting plans, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. If you’re in the United States, you can always opt for a snack size McFlurry to save yourself some cals, but if you’re in Europe or elsewhere you’re unlikely to have that option.

Calories (Snacksize) – 340

Wendys – Vanilla Frosty


A vanilla frosty is one of the most popular desserts in the United States. They were instantly popular since their inception back in the 60’s; Wendy’s still serve hundreds of millions of delicious Frosty’s every year. Unfortunately, Frosty’s aren’t still 35 cents as they were when they were first released.

Calories (Junior) –  190

(Small) 340

Dairy Queen – Oreo Blizzard


Whilst you might not think that the Blizzard is one of the better options on the menu, it’s actually much lower in calories than some of the other options you can choose. The Blizzard is quite a bit younger than the Frosty, having only been around since the mid 80’s. If you’re looking to try one of the various promotional offers that they create, be sure to check the calories first!

Calories (Mini) – 380

Chick Fil A – Icedream


Whilst the icedream might not give you the same excitement as some of the other ice creams that I’ve listed, it’s pretty darn low in calories! This is mainly because it’s very plain, but it still hits the right spot if you’re after a healthy dessert option.

I don’t know about you, but where I’m located you get the option to ask for your icedream served in a cup as opposed to a cone. If you can, do this; you can save yourself 50 calories!

Calories – 170

KFC – Maltesers Krushem


If you’re not in the UK, you might not be familiar with a KFC Krushem. They’re essentially like a thick shake, but they’re so thick that they’re basically an ice cream. The calories vary a lot between the different types, so opt for maltesers if you’re watching the calories.

If you’re interested in making one of these Krushem’s at home, check out this super easy to follow recipe!

Calories – 325

Burger King – Chocolate Sundae


The Burger King Chocolate sundae is a must for those who loves a traditional ice cream. Whilst it lacks the complexity of a Mcflurry, it’s perfect if you just want a two flavor dessert to tingle the tastebuds.

Yes, the picture featured is an Oreo sundae, which they no longer serve at my local BK. Sad face.

Calories – 270

Sonic Drive In – Shake


Honestly, I don’t really like putting Sonic in a list of ‘healthiest’ ice creams. If you go to Sonic, you should really treat yourself and take advantage of all the toppings they offer!

Now remember, the 250 calories refers to the plain ice cream cone. Any toppings you choose to add to that are your own responsibility, don’t blame me!

Calories – 250


Honourable mention goes out to Pizza Hut and Tim Hortons, who we couldn’t really include in the list. Why? Well, if you go to the majority of the fast food restaurants, they give you the opportunity to do it yourself. For this reason, it’s literally impossible to count calories!

One of the better ways to keep it healthy is to completely ignore fast food ice cream and make it yourself. This way, you know exactly what’s going into your stomach. Or, you can visit a ice cream shop and they will give you ice cream scooped into a cone or bowl.

I know it seems off to have a list of the healthiest fast food ice creams – in many ways, you’d probably be better of just forgetting about your diet for one day and getting back on the wagon tomorrow. Remember to allow yourself an (ice cream) break every now and then, otherwise you’ll end up getting burned out on your diet anyways!

Neapolitan Ice Cream – A Definitive Guide


So, you want to know a bit more about Neapolitan ice cream huh? Well, you’re in the right place. The tri-colored dessert has dramatically decreased in popularity over recent years in favour of newer flavors, but there are still those out there who love themselves a good helping of the Italian favorite.

What is Neapolitan ice cream?

Generally, Neapolitan ice cream refers to three different ice cream flavors served in the same tub. Traditionally, these flavors are chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Though you may see different variations of this, it’s not true neapolitan ice cream unless it’s these three specific flavors. The flavors should also be clearly separate from each other, though some ice cream makers do tend not to do this.

Origin of Neapolitan ice cream

Now, we know that the basis ice cream travelled over to Europe and Italy in approximately the 1600s. This was developed further by the Italians, who then developed Neapolitan ice cream in the early 1800s.

Of course, Neapolitan ice cream originated in Naples, Italy. It wasn’t until the late 1800s, when Neapolitans (that’s what you call people from Naples, in case you’re wondering!) moved over to America and brought this ice cream into a new realm. Of course upon reaching America, it was named Neapolitan in respect to those who had brought this delicious dessert to the US.

Who invented Neapolitan ice cream

It’s unknown who specifically invented Neapolitan ice cream. It was created to fulfil customer demands of a mixture of the three most popular flavors at the time (and still today); chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

It’s commonly thought that the ice cream may have been created, or at least further established, by Neapolitan Giuseppe Tortoni. When Tortoni travelled to Paris as a young man in the early 1800s, he brought many ideas for cold desserts with him from his home City; Neapolitan ice cream being one of them.

Variations of Neapolitan Ice Cream (Spumoni)

Spumoni is a commonly known variation of Neapolitan Ice cream that you might have heard of before, though it’s unclear whether it was around before traditional Neapolitan.

It takes the same format as Neapolitan ice cream, but instead of the chocolate and strawberry flavors, cherry and pistachio ice cream is used instead. This gives the representation of the Italian flag, so is commonly associated with Italy and it’s natives (as Italians are very proud people!). You might find sometimes that a chocolate layer is added in addition or, or instead of, the vanilla in a spumoni.

An Example of a Spumoni Cake!

How is Neapolitan ice cream made

Generally, Neapolitan ice cream is made the same way that you’d make any other sort of ice cream initially. This means that the strawberry, chocolate and vanilla parts of the ice cream are made as normal; the difficult part of Neapolitan ice cream comes to when you go to put it into the tubs.

How is Neapolitan ice cream put into tubs?

One of the more common useless questions that you might ask yourself is how exactly do they get the Neapolitan ice cream into tubs? I mean, do they make the ice cream first and then stack it together? Well, no., and they definitely don’t use ice cream scoops.

With Neapolitan ice cream, the most common method that I’ve seen used to make it is actually fairly simple – it’s all about the nozzle! Basically, three pipes are all put into tubs containing the different flavors of ice cream. They then are pushed through a three pronged nozzle, which is shaped the same way that the Italian flag is. This is all quite a quick process, and the ice cream must be put at a optimum temperature to avoid it merging with the other flavors whilst in the tub. It’s then frozen for between 8-10 hours to get it nice and cold, so that it can be sent out to stores!

Calories in Neapolitan ice cream

The amount of calories in a Neapolitan ice cream is really dependent on which brand you opt for. i’ve seen some low fat Neapolitans that look pretty tasty, so it’s difficult to make a blanket statement.

It also depends on how much of each flavor that you eat! Normally, chocolate will have more calories than vanilla, and vanilla with have more calories than strawberry. This isn’t a hard rule, but if you look at the majority of basic ice creams, this is what you’ll find. Usually because the chcolate and vanilla ice creams have a higher fat content than what you’d get in a strawberry ice cream.

How to make Neapolitan ice cream yourself

If you want to make a Neapolitan ice cream yourself, then be my guest! Be warned that you probably won’t be able to separate the flavors as easily as they do in store bought ice cream. Check here if you want to find out how to make ice cream from scratch.

What is the best Neapolitan ice cream brand?

Of course this is subjective to each individual, but I can talk about some of the Neapolitan ice cream brands that I’ve tried and let you know if they were good or not!

Turkey Hill Neapolitan Ice Cream – One of my favorite brands of Neapolitan is made by Turkey Hill. Their option is fantastic if you’re looking for a gluten free neapolitan ice cream, as there are many ont he market that aren’t gluten free.

Walmart Neapolitan Ice Cream – Whilst it’s not my favorite, I was pretty surprised at the quality of the Walmart Ice cream in comparison to some of the other ice creams I’ve tried from them. If you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful, then look no further than something from Walmart!

Edy’s Neapolitan Ice Cream – Edy’s Neapolitan is one of the best around. I like the Edy’s brand in general, and they make some of the best ice creams around. My favorite from them is probably their Orange Sherbet, which is one of the best orange sherbets around.

Is Neapolitan ice cream gluten free?

It really depends on the recipe or brand that you’re going to opt for when you’re choosing your ice cream. There are really some great gluten free ice creams around – I’ve mentioned a good example above in the Turkey Hill Neapolitan Ice Cream.

Is Neapolitan ice cream healthy?

Whilst it might not be the healthiest ice cream around, you can find variations of Neapolitan ice cream that are lower in calories than some others.

When you’re looking for a healthy option, it’s a good idea to opt for ice creams that are lower in fat. This is mainly because it’s really hard to find low sugar ice creams – it’s one of the most important ingredients of a good ice cream! However with fat, you can tend to find ice creams that have a lower fat content, though that may be considered technically as a gelato.

How to eat Neapolitan ice cream

This really depends on you! Many people say that you’re not really eating a Neapolitan ice cream unless you’re combining a bit of each flavor together, but I say each to their own. Stick with whatever you prefer and you can’t go wrong!

Facts about Neapolitan ice cream

  1. In Australia, the Neapolitan Cake is far more popular than the Neapolitan Ice Cream.
Check here for the awesome recipe to make this cake!

Although around the world it’s commonly known as Neapolitan Ice Cream, if you’re talking about a Neapolitan over in Sydney, it’s likely that people will understand you’re talking about the cake.

2. It’s sometimes referred to as Harlequin Ice Cream.

The reason for this? Well as you might expect, it’s likely that people referred to this ice cream as Harlequin because of the multi colored clothing that Harlequin Jokers/Jesters wore when they were performing in Italian theatre. Yes, that is where the name Harley Quinn comes from.

3. It’s generally accepted the first recorded Neapolitan Ice Cream recipe was made in 1839.

Although there’s little more than anecdotal evidence on the origins of Neapolitan ice cream, the first recipe was likely recorded in 1839 and dedicated to German Nobleman Furst Hermann by another Prussian household. We’re still sure that the Neapolitan was around long before this, though!


Hopefully now, you have a slightly better idea on about Neapolitan ice cream and where it really started from. I also hope I’ve given you a bit of a better idea about where you can find the best Neapolitan Ice Creams around – to me it seems like it’s dying out! This is probably due to the abundance of new ice creams being offered by Ben & Jerry’s – there’s likely less demand with all the new flavors coming out. Though if you’re like me, you’ll always want the occasional Neapolitan ice cream to get the best of all three worlds.

Nostalgia Large Ice Cream Maker Review


If you are looking at getting a large ice cream maker, then this is definitely one made by Nostalgia is definitely one that you should consider.

The majority of ice cream makers that I see for sale are for 1.5 quart or 2 quart ice cream makers. I don’t know about you, but that’s just not enough! If I’m making ice cream at home, I want a bit more so that I can save some delicious ice cream for later on in the week! If you are after a smaller ice cream maker, then you could consider the ICE-21 (check my review here!) as this is my pick of the bunch for cheap, smaller ice cream makers.

Anyway, let’s look at the Nostalgia and see why I think it’s one of the best options for a large ice cream maker.



The Nostalgia is much larger than your standard ice cream maker. A standard ice cream maker is usually 1.5 quarts, so this is double the size. This is great for larger families and those that are looking for something that will produce a heck of a lot of ice cream. It’s not so big however, that it’s going to get in the way of your kitchen and obstruct the other equipment.


I have to admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for manual ice cream makers, but that doesn’t mean I’m adverse to a top quality electric one like this. They are usually much easier for your everyday folk to use, as you don’t need to spend lots of time manually churning your ice cream.

Easy to Clean

It’s my pet peeve that people create ice cream maker that are difficult to clean. It’s so unnecessary to have loads of crevices for ice cream to get stuck.. why do it?! Well, at least you don’t need to worry about that with the Nostalgia, as it’s extremely easy to clean. All it takes is a quick soak and wipe down after use and it’ll be good to go again!

No Pre Freeze

Did I say that it’s my pet peeve when it’s difficult to clean an ice cream maker? Well, this is a close second. With many ice cream makers you have to pre freeze to ensure that it’s cold enough for your ice cream to be churned properly. You DON’T need to worry about this with the Nostalgia, as you can do this easily wiht pre freezing.

Salt & Ice

You will need to lays the edges of this ice cream maker with salt and ice, which isn’t the norm. With other ice cream makers, you can add the salt after, but it doesn’t really make much of a difference. Still, I thought that I had better mention this because it does affect the way that you will produce ice cream.

Old Fashioned

To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t really know why this “Nostalgia” ice cream maker is commended so much as being old fashioned. Sure, it looks vintage but it certainly doesn’t work in a vintage way – I mean come on, it’s electric! Anyway, I guess it’s old fashioned appearance does make it look good, so if this is something that concerns you then the Nostalgia will undoubtedly look good in your kitchen.

It’s faster

One of the main reasons that I like this ice cream maker is that it’s much faster at making ice cream than a regular ice cream maker. This is because the churning mechanism works faster, without affecting the quality of the ice cream in general. Mmm, delicious!

It’s safe for kids

The safety mechanisms in this ice cream maker make it suitable for children to use, too. This is one of the reasons that I’ve picked it as my favorite, because I can use it with my grandchildren without worrying about them hurting their fingers.


Different Options

Many ice cream makers only intend for you to use their ice cream mixes. This is pretty much the same with this one, as they advertise their own ice cream mixtures pretty vigorously.

This doesn’t mean to say you cannot use other ice cream mixes; you can! This ice cream maker will work well with a wide variety of different mixes, so don’t worry if you think you can only use it with Nostalgia products.


 The size is a major plus for this ice cream maker. If you want to make enough ice cream to last you for a few weeks, then this one would be a fantastic choice because although there’s an abundance of smaller ice cream makers on the market, there isn’t too many available at four quarts or more.

 You don’t need to chill the ice cream tub before you use it. Some ice cream makers require that you chill the tub first or leave it in the freezer for a few hours, but that isn’t really necessary with this one – although it may give you better results.

 Electric ice cream makers are a great choice if you don’t want to do the mixing yourself. You won’t need to wait too long for this maker to produce you a decent quality ice cream.


 If you have a small kitchen, then this isn’t going to be the best option for you. It takes up a significant amount of space in your kitchen, which eventually can get pretty annoying.

 It’s not a heavy duty ice cream maker by any means. What does this imply? Well, you don’t want to leave it in the freezer for to long because it may make it more difficult for you to scoop the ice cream out of the barrel.

Overall Verdict

Overall, I’d say that this is a fantastic ice cream maker if you’re looking to have some fun with the kids and play around. It’s very simple to use, so you don’t need to worry about your kids having difficulty using it. A very good option if you want a basic, relatively cheap ice cream maker that gets the job done.

Edy’s – The Best Brand of Orange Sherbet


As an ice cream connoisseur, I’m often trying different ice creams, sorbets and gelatos – yes, they’re all different things! There is, however, a distinct lack of quality sherbets on the market for us to delve in to. I haven’t really found many that I thought were good enough to share with you guys – until I tried Edy’s Orange Sherbet, that is.

If you’re curious about what the difference between the different types of ice cream are, then the basics is this;

  • Sorbet is fruit based.
  • Sherbet is essentially a sorbet with a little milk added
  • Ice cream is mainly cream based – sometimes with milk depending on the recipe.
  • If it uses milk, then technically it’s a gelato!

Anyway, this Edy’s orange sherbet is pretty delicious and I haven’t managed to find any other sherbets that can match it in terms of flavor and texture. Let’s have a look at why I think it’s the best brand of orange sherbet.

Best Brand of Orange Sherbet

Low Calories

Whenever you consider ‘low calorie’ anything, you’re usually automatically thinking “this probably won’t taste as good as the regular version”. The good thing about Edy’s is that this really isn’t the case. Even though it’s not the richest sherbet I’ve ever tasted, I think it matches it’s competitors in terms of taste. Which is great, because it’s actually made with skim milk. This means that you don’t need to be too concerned with calories – half a cup of Edy’s is only around 120 calories. Pretty great right?

Strong Taste

I don’t know about you, but if I want an orange ice cream or sherbet, I want it to taste strong. I wanna have a aftertaste in my mouth after I’ve finished eating. This is definitely what you’ll get with Edy’s, as one of the main ingredients is orange juice from concentrate. This is great for those of us who like a strong tasting sherbet!

Soothing Texture

If you read other reviews on this blog, you’ll probably know; I’m super critical. Well, I can’t be too critical of this one, especially the texture. It really is one of the better sherbets I’ve tasted store bought, and I should know; I’ve tried a lot!.


In conclusion, Edy’s are one of the better brands out there when it comes to quality and taste. I’d have no trouble recommending them to a friend, so if you’re interested in Edy’s Ice Cream then I recommend this the first flavor that you try!

When are Peaches in season?


When are Peaches in season in the US?

Like many other summer fruits, the best time for producing peaches is between May and August. Though in California, the peach season starts a month earlier than that in April, and can extend further by a month or so. This isn’t true for all brands of peach, but usually the freestone peaches that are extremely popular.

Whilst many people assume that many of the United States peaches are grown in Georgia, this isn’t totally true. Whilst Georgia does still grow a considerable amount of peaches, this isn’t as much as some areas of South Carolina and mainly California. In fact, California has consistently produced a significant amount more peaches than anywhere else in the United States for many years now.

When are Peaches in season in the UK?

Although you can find peaches available starting in June, they really enter the prime of the season throughout July, August and September. The heat of those summer months really enable the peach to grow as one of the most popular summer fruits in the UK.

Peaches are one of the less common fruits to be grown in the UK, though it is entirely possible. Check this video out of a delicious peach tree being grown in the UK;

Are peaches good for you?

Like many other fruits, peaches have certain characteristics that are certainly advantageous to anyone looking to get some nutritional benefits. Interestingly enough, they originate in China, where they actually are a symbol of friendship and long lasting life.

They’re relatively low in calories, which is always something that is a bonus of eating copious amounts of fruit. A small peach may only have 30 calories, whereas a larger peach can often be double that. They’re full of anti-oxidants, which helps to protect your cells and keep you healthy. Whilst they aren’t the lowest in carbohydrates, an average peach will only have around 10 grams of crabs, with 8 of those carbs coming from sugars. This isn’t bad for those on a low carbohydrate diet.

Peaches have also been noted to have a positive on your hair, and the selenium in the peaches has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer. They’re a natural diuretic, which means that they’re good for cleaning out your kidneys and bladder from all of the waste that gets trapped. Peach tea is extremely popular in China and is known as a kidney cleanser.

There are many other benefits of eating peaches, including reducing the risk of gout and other diseases. They’re also a natural aphrodisiac, so stock up on peaches before any late night love-making sessions.

Are peaches acidic?

Yes, peaches are acidic, though they aren’t as acidic as some of the other fruits available. They measure at a PH of around 4, which isn’t too acidic. If you’re worried about your peaches being too acidic, it’s a good idea to limit the amount of citrus fruits that you eat, though a peach isn’t a citrus fruit,

Favorite Peach recipes

  • Peach Cobbler – It stands to reason that the peach cobbler is the first recipe that we’ve suggested. The cobbler is the staple dessert in many houses, a with good reason; it’s delicious. This recipe is super simple for any newbies to making desserts.
  • Spicy Peach Chutney – Whilst Mango Chutney is the one that gets all the attention, a nice peach chutney is a surprise for the tastebuds. You won’t find any other flavors quite like a spicy peach chutney.
  • Two Crust Peach Pie – It seems peaches were made to be enjoyed in delicious desserts. Peach pies are a great alternative to the more popular options of apple or cherry.
  • Peach Avocado Salsa – Maybe our favorite recipe, peach avocado salsa is revolutionary for the tastebuds. This goes great with fish, chicken or just simply with tortilla chips.

Where does salt come from and is it bad for you?


Salt is one of the most common ingredients that you’ll find for cooking in the United States today. You’ll pretty much find it in every savoury recipe going, whether that’s whilst you’re cooking it or after it’s cooked and for seasoning. But where does this magnificent mineral come from? How is it produced, and how did it become so popular in modern society? Well, lets have a quick look at what makes salt one of the most popular ingredients today.


Where does salt come from?

Well, when talking about salt, there are two main different variations that really need to be considered. The most common is table (rock) salt, the stuff you’d buy at your local supermarket, and sea salt (pure). Table salt has other stuff added to it to help increase its shelf life. Things that are commonly added to table salt are very small amounts of glucose, potassium iodide and various different anti-caking ingredients.

With table salt being the most commonly known salt, there are other types. Whilst there are many variations of salt, the likelihood is that you won’t have heard of most of them. Of the lesser known salts, Himalayan salt is probably the best known as it has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a type of rock salt, and it comes from the mountains of Pakistan; around 220 miles from the Himalayas. It has a pink color, which it gets from certain impurities in the salt.

Though Himalayan salt is popular, it is really a variation or types of rock salt. Rock salt, or Halite, is commonly used to de-ice the frosty road, but is also an extremely popular ingredient in cooking. Table salt is a form of rock salt, though it often has stuff added to it to support the thyroid (iodine) and reduce impurities.

What’s the difference between rock salt and sea salt? Well, the obvious answer is that rock salt comes from mines and different salt domes around the world. Many countries in the world have their own salt mines, including the United States. They are scattered all throughout central North America, as well as through Europe and the United Kingdom.

Where does sea salt come from, though?

The salt that you’ll find in your ocean is pretty much the same as table salt; well, 90% the same anyway. But how does it get into the ocean? Well, it actually gets into the ocean from stones and rocks on the land. When rains lands onto rocks and mountains, it erodes the rocks slightly and extracts salt from these eroded rocks that will eventually spread into lakes, rivers and eventually into the ocean.

Originally though, salt was made from gas and dust clouds. Sodium and Chlorine were made from nucleosynthesis in amongst the stars, and when a supernova occurred and the Stars died, materials like water, salt and other compounds were formed. The remains of some supernovas came together to make up the gas/dust which formed the solar system as we know it. Check this cool video out for a in depth process guide;

Is salt really bad for you?

The answer to this is something that has been considered for many years now, with scientists seemingly changing their mind and offering different opinions. The truth is though, that much of the bad press that salt has gotten in the past is just a major technique to push foods that have little salt in them. Ever seen those “low sodium” or “reduced salt” foods in your supermarket? Yeah, there’s a reason for that.

Truthfully, too much salt can be dangerous in regards to your blood pressure. And this is all because salt makes your body retain water, which isn’t great for you if you’re worried about your blood pressure. When your cells fill up with too much water, this can cause issues resulting in heart problems.

How much salt is too much? Well, it’s hard to tell, but it’d certainly be a substantial amount. There was a case of a man who entered into a coma from drinking too much soy sauce; he did drink the whole bottle however. Most of the salt that you’ll intake would be from processed foods, so we wouldn’t worry too much about adding a little bit to your cooking. Of course, we would recommend a diet on mainly whole foods to avoid any complications.

5 Super Interesting facts about salt

  • Up until fairly recent years, salt was actually used as a currency in some countries in the world. The most recent example of this is in Ethiopia, where until 100 years ago bars of salt were used with a monetary value.
  • The saying ‘not worth his salt’ is said to derive from Ancient Greece, where slaves would often be sold in exchange for salt.
  • Hypotranemia is a real and dangerous thing. It is where one consumes so much water, that all the salt in your system is flushed out. It can result in death, due to the cells in your body swelling well above their normal size.
  • In the 19th Century, salt held an abnormally high price due to its ability to maintain health and regular sodium levels. So much so that it’s said to have been worth 4 times that of the cow, due to an abundance of livestock readily available.
  • Salt has many religious attachments, including the Jewish remembrance of sacrifices by dipping their bread into a bowl of salt.

Thanks for checking out this post! We appreciate you visiting. Please stick around and have a look around the website for more information!