42 Sumptuous Sorbet Flavours You Will Absolutely Love


If you’re thinking about making some sorbet this summer but are fed up with the standard lemon or mango, then here’s a few more ideas that you might want to take into consideration.

42 Sumptuous Sorbet Flavours You Will Absolutely Love

1. Blood Orange Sorbet



Blood orange is an extremely acquired taste, which makes it perfect for a sorbet! The best sorbet flavors are usually tart and strong, which is why blood orange is a great ingredient for a sorbet.

Blood orange is called blood orange because of it’s dark ‘bloody’ appearance, with it’s flesh taking on a darker maroon color than your regular orange.

2. Chocolate Sorbet



I’m sure you’ve had chocolate ice cream before – lets face it, almost everyone has. But chocolate sorbet? This less common treat can be fantastic for those allergic to the lactose in ice cream (some sorbet recipes will use chocolate but you can find some that just use cocoa powder, too).

3. Beetroot Sorbet



Don’t run away! I know, beetroot sorbet sounds kinda disgusting, right? Well, give it a chance and you might be surprised by how delicious it is.

Beetroot sorbet has actually risen in popularity recent after it’s become a staple for posh, expensive restaurants to use it to be edgy. I’m not arguing; I think it’s delicious! Try this beetroot sorbet if you’re after something a little different.

4. Lemon & Vinegar Sorbet



Lemon.. and vinegar? Yeah, I know it sounds kind of crazy, but it works.. trust me! The little drop of balsamic vinegar actually offsets the bitterness of the lemon, making this one of the best sorbet recipes in my opinion. Be sure that you don’t overdo it on the vinegar however, otherwise you’ll be in for a rude awakening!

5. Cherry Chocolate Sorbet



Chocolate sorbet shouldn’t work by definition. Sorbet is usually best for sour and tart flavors, which often get lost in chocolate because it doesn’t maintain it’s bitter flavor when mixed with sugar. Usually, if you compare ice cream and sorbet, ice cream works better for chocolatey flavors.

However, chocolate sorbet does work. And it works pretty damn well, actually. Especially if you add a hint of fruit in there like cherries, it can make it into something really delicious.

6. Pineapple Sorbet



Some fruits are best for sorbet, and pineapple is an ideal one for making a sweet dessert that will taste truly delicious.

Make sure that you get yourself a fully ripe pineapple to ensure that you’ll get a sweet sorbet. If you don’t then your sorbet may not taste as delicious as it could. You could also serve your pineapple sorbet in the scooped out pineapple itself.. cool!

7. Watermelon Sorbet



If you’re looking for something with a subtle flavor, then a watermelon sorbet may be your best bet. It’s flavours are not overpowering like some sorbets, so this is a great choice if you have a dinner party and want to please everyone.

Using watermelon also allows you to try some pretty cool decoration designs with the outside. You could serve it in the watermelon, or just stick a few slices in the top for some unique looks.

8. Blueberry Sorbetto



Blueberries are one of the lowest sugar fruits around, so it’s no surprise that many people think a blueberry sorbet won’t really work. They’d be wrong! A blueberry sorbetto is one of the better choices if you’re looking for a sorbet flavor that isn’t popular, but will still rocket your tastebuds.

Try adding a little lemon to your blueberry sorbet; the high acidity works wonders for your tastebuds and adds a little extra to the recipe.

9. Cucumber & Mint Sorbet



For a more sophisticated sorbet, you could look at something like a cucumber mint sorbet. Actually, this doesn’t even necessarily need to be a dessert and could easily be served in small amounts as an appertizer if you’re having a dinner party.

Although mint isn’t usually the best mixture with a sorbet, it seems to work with the subtle mint taste.

10. Strawberry Rose Sorbet



If, like me, you like to experiment with new stuff and don’t mind having some alcohol with your sorbet, then this strawberry and rose sorbet is perfect as part of a nice champagne concoction.

If you really want to get romantic, then this could be a great option for you to treat your loved one to a delicious – and slightly tipsy – dessert!

11. Mint and Grapefruit Sorbet



Mint.. and grapefruit? Whilst it might not sound like the best combination, it actually works extremely well. This is because the mint offsets the sharp citrus taste.

Make sure to use a fresh grapefruit when you’re making your mint and grapefruit sorbet. This way, you can be sure that you’ll get a crisp taste that won’t be lacking in flavor.

12. Avocado Sorbet



I know, I know.. some of these recipes are getting a bit abstract for you! Avocado sorbet? Who’d have thought these two would ever be in the same sentence! An avocado sorbet, to me, highlights one of the main reasons that I love sorbet in the first place.. it’s vegan!

Although the recipe I’ve shared doesn’t include this, a cheeky tip of mine would be to add a touch of lime. This bit of zest is sure to liven up your tastebuds a little!

13. Zinfandel Sorbet



I’m partial to the odd glass of wine, and combining it with a sorbet to me is a massive WIN! Whilst you don’t necessarily need to use a Zinfandel with this recipe – you can just as easily use a Merlot – I prefer to use a Zinfandel because it’s my favorite to drink (oops!).

Whilst it might not be the first flavor that springs to mind, a Zinfandel sorbet is sure to liven up any dinner party that you have!

14. Maple Sorbet



I found this recipe whilst browing online, and although I haven’t tried it – it looks delicious! It uses and and oat milk, so although it may not technically be a sorbet (I’m very picky about what gets included as a sorbet and this is a sherbet!) it looked so delicious that I had to include it.

If you want something slightly thicker and more filling than your regular sorbet, then this may be a good choice for you. Due to the carbs that are in it, I’m sure this one will fill you right up!

15. Strawberry and Lime Sorbet



The strawberry and lime blend is as old as time; they just work so well together! The sweetness of the strawberry works perfectly with the slight citrus of the lime, making this a great choice if you want the best of both worlds. Sorbet is great for keeping the weight down, too.

If you’re looking to try something a little different, then this strawberry and lime combo is a great choice. It’s also a great choice for anyone who wants to make their dessert look pretty, too.

16. Mango & Lime Sorbet



Although I’m not usually a mango and lime fan, this works for a zingy sorbet that will liven up your tastebuds. If you think you’d like the sweet mixture of mango with the tang of lime, then you could opt for this as one of the best bets for your sorbet.

17. Elderflower Sorbet



I’ve never truly managed to get on the elderflower train. I prefer something with a little more flavor. But if you want something subtle and elegant, then a elderflower sorbet is the perfect dessert to serve at a dinner party.

18.Grape Sorbet



If you’re looking for a super easy sorbet recipe that’s a little different, then you could opt for a grape sorbet. Because of their high sugar content, grapes make a great choice if you’re looking for something to give you a sugar kick.

Check out below for a quick instruction guide on how to make this delicious grape sorbet!

19. Rhubarn & Gin Sorbet



Rhubarb and Gin is the combination that nobody asked for, but it just works. If you’re looking to add a little alcohol to your sorbet, then this might be a good choice for you. Just remember not to add too much!

20. Passionfruit Sorbet



I’m a big passionfruit fan, there’s no denying that. And passionfruit makes the perfect flavor for a sweet, refreshing sorbet that’s super easy to make. You can even make this one with pre made passionfruit puree if you don’t want the hassle of making your own passionfruit puree.

21. Cantaloupe Sorbet



Thinking outside of the box is a great idea when you’re considering sorbet – there’s a lot of flavors that work in their own right. I’m sure you never thought of making a cantaloupe sorbet before.

Make sure to find a cantaloupe that’s sweet, otherwise your sorbet is likely to end up tasting like nothing.

22. Rhubarb and Rose Sorbet



23. Mandarin Sorbet



24. Blackberry Cabernat Sorbet



25. Plum & Red Wine Sorbet



26. Strawberry Ginger Sorbet



27. Dried Apricot Sorbet



28. Bellini Sorbet



29. Gin and Tonic Sorbet



30. Grape (Green) Sorbet



31. Pink Grapefruit Sorbet



32. Pear Vanilla Sorbet



33. Champagne Sorbet



34. Mascarpone Sorbet



35. Chocolate Peanut Butter Sorbet



36. Cranberry Orange Sorbet



37. Cherry Sorbet



38. Mojito Sorbet



39. Pomegranate Sorbet



40. Raspberry Coconut Sorbet



41. Sangria Sorbet



42. Watermelon and Tomato Sorbet




Overall, these are just some of the best recipes that you can consider if you’re looking to make a delicious sorbet.

Types of Ice Cream

When talking about the different ice cream types, this can usually be answered pretty simply. There aren’t an abundance of different types of ice cream; more so, that there are many different variations of ice cream.

So whether you’re looking to understand the different types of ice cream there are in terms of ingredients, or you’re looking to see what variations of ice cream there are around the world, this list has everything you need.

Firstly, let’s have a look at what the ‘big four’ that are usually considered as a variation of ice cream.

Types of Ice Cream

Usually, you can divide ice cream into four different types. Now, I understand that some people won’t refer to these as proper ice cream – and I’d agree, they’re slightly different. Though they do all come from the same original concept. The four main types of ice cream are;

Regular Ice Cream

Foe me, a stereotypical ice cream is made primarily cream, with a little milk. Different recipes will use different quantities of each ingredient, and you might find that some recipes will use for milk. But to be defined as ice cream, it must have a 10% milkfat content.

In addition to cream and milk, a traditional ice cream will have sugar and things like vanilla extract. If you’re making your own ice cream, then you have a significant amount of control over the other ingredients. But if you’re buying other brands, then you lose control of this and you’ll likely find other ingredients in store bought ice cream that help to extend it’s shelf life.


Essentially, gelato is just the same as ice cream but it has a slightly higher milk percentage. This makes it have a slightly lower fat content than ice cream, and will results in a creamier experience.

Whilst it might not be a big deal to mislabel an ice cream in the United States, I’d better warn you; don’t go to Italy and mislabel their ice creams. Trust me, they’ll take it personally!


A traditional sorbet is pretty easy to understand; it only has three ingredients! Sorbet is made from fruit puree, sugar and water – that’s it! Sorbet is usually a great option if you’re looking for a hypoallergenic dessert, as it lacks many different ingredients that may upset your stomach. In reality, the Sorbet is really where the roots of ice cream began back many years ago, where the term sorbet came from the Arabic “Sharabt“.


Sherbet is to sorbet, as gelato is to ice cream. It is essentially the same as sorbet in the context that it’s based primarily on fruit puree/juices. But with sherbet, you’ll have a little milk added to the fruit. Not much; the milk fat content should between 1 and 2% of the dessert.

So to recap;

  • Ice Cream – 10%+ Milk Fat
  • Gelato – 5-9% Milk Fat
  • Sherbet – 1-2% Milk Fat
  • Sorbet – 0% Milk Fat

Simple, right? Well, we can dig a little deeper into this. If we then consider ice cream our ice cream, there are various different things that you can do to alter the ingredients in your dessert.

Different Ingredients Used in Ice Cream

Lactose Free

Lactose free ice cream is increasingly popular amongst those who have milk allergies. Not just for adults, but it’s important to know whether your child is lactose intolerant. To do this, the recommended way is usually to cut out dairy foods for a period of time – lactose free ice cream can be a great way to give your kids an alternative.

Plus, I’ll admit; I’m not lactose intolerant, but sometimes I’ll opt for lactose free options anyway! There are some excellent coconut and soy milk variations of ice cream that I absolutely adore.

Gluten Free

Gluten free ice cream… does ice cream even contain gluten anyway?

Well yes, actually. If you look at the brand Bluebell – who make some delicious ice creams, by the way – then the majority of their ice cream recipes use wheat. So if you’re celiac, you should avoid this brand entirely.

Whereas, you’ll also have to consider that the gluten elements of the ice cream may not be in the ice cream itself. They are more often found in the other parts of the dessert e.g. the cookies or the strawberry pieces that are in your dessert.

Sugar Free/No Added Sugar

Sugar free ice cream isn’t as commonly found as the others, but you can still find some sugar free ice creams around. You have to remember that these ice creams will usually have a sugar substitute in their ice creams, which may not agree with your system. Examples of sugar substitutes are monk fruit extract and stevia, which are good options if you’re trying to avoid normal sugar.

Soft Ice Cream

The production of soft ice cream is entirely different than that of regular ice cream. This makes a huge difference in the way that the ice cream’s texture is built up, ending up in a softer ice cream. If you like soft pistachio ice cream then you could try Talenti.

13 Popular Ice Cream Variations Around the World


Neapolitan ice cream has been popular in the United States since the late 1800s, when the Italians brought over this delicious dessert. It’s stereotypically strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream together – but split separately from each other.

There are different variations of a Neapolitan Ice cream where the flavors are adapted. Sometimes, you might see the strawberry switched out for cherry ice cream, or the chocolate switched out for another flavor – but a traditional Neopolitan is the S,C and V combo. Vanilla gets some bad pretty as the worst flavor, but it’s actually still the most popular ice cream flavor that there is!


The most popular adaption of a Neapolitan Ice Cream is Spumoni. Actually, it’s pretty clear that Neapolitan ice cream is actually a Naples variation of Spumoni that became extremely popular in the United States in the late 1800s.

This is because Spumoni represents the colors of the Italian flag; it’s traditionally cherry (red), vanilla (white) and pistachio (green). Sometimes, you might see the vanilla section using chocolate instead (or as well as), but this is only for taste purposes. Anyway, this dessert was a favorite in the mid-to-late 1800s and it became popular, though it’s far lesser known than the Neapolitan is nowadays.


Commonly thought of as being the exact same as sorbet, sorbetto is actually slightly different. This is because it’s typically made to be slightly creamier than normal sorbet by using a higher percentage of fruits, which results in a creamier texture.

Of course, to the average man you’re unlikely to notice the difference between a sorbet and a sorbetto. But ask any Italian and I’m sure they can tell you the difference pretty easily.

French Ice Cream

French Ice Cream deserves it’s own section as it’s pretty different in taste and texture than what you’d get from a typical ice cream. This type of ice cream actually has a texture more similar to custard. This is because it uses eggs instead of cream, which gives it a completely different texture than what you’d get with traditional/American ice cream.

Interestingly enough, it’s commonly debated whether the Italians or the French really created who made the ice cream that we call ice cream today. There’s many ‘myths’ which we aren’t entirely sure of – Charles the I having his own personal ice cream maker assistant is probably my favorite.


Dondumra, which literally is translated as freezing in Turkish, is a variation of ice cream that isn’t much different from what you’re probably used to. The only difference really is the elasticity, which makes more solid and quite resistant to melting. This is done by adding salep, which is literally the ground up roots of orchid bulbs. This, along with some resin called Mastic, give this ice cream a chewier and more solid feel. If you’re the type of person to take an age eating your ice cream, then maybe this one would be a perfect option for you!

Mochi Ice Cream

If you want to try something totally different, then you could consider trying some mochi ice cream. Mochi is a glutinous rice that’s usually made into small ricecakes – think sushi rice, but much stickier.

This rice is then formed around an ice cream filling of your choice. Traditionally, you’ll see the plainer flavors like chocolate and vanilla being used, but you can experiment with this. You’ll find mochi ice cream in many stores around the US and globally, but surprisingly it’s actually relatively young in it’s inception.


Faloodeh is one of the weirder variations of ice cream (or maybe sorbet) that you’ll find. And if you have the opportunity to try it, you simply must! If you go to Iran, you’ll find this in every ice cream store and the majority of restaurants as a dessert

Essentially, a thin batter is pressed through a sieve to produce these vermicelli like noodley strips that are made from starches. They’re then placed in ice water, before being topped with various fruit syrups of your choosing. This is much closer to the original sherbet concept which likely originated in the middle east hundreds and hundreds of years ago.


Spaghettieis, or spaghetti ice cream, is a German dessert which is pretty much exactly as it’s described. In reality, it’s more of a super cool preparation method than an actual difference in the way the ice cream is made.

The usual method for making spaghettieis is just pushing vanilla ice cream through a potato ricer to make it into a noodle appearance. From there, it’s usually layed onto a bed of whipped cream and topped with a straberry or cherry sauce (which is used to make it look like bolognese sauce!). Then, you’ll usually find that some sort of white chocolate is used to look like parmesan cheese sprinkled over the top, though you might find something else is used like desiccated coconut.

Fried Ice Cream

Whilst many think that fried ice cream is only popular in China, it’s actually pretty popular all over Asia (you can find it in Japan and most South East Asian countries too). Some say that it originated in the United States, though the likelihood is that it was first produced somewhere in Asia – perhaps by a tempura restaurant.

Essentially, it’s exactly as it says; it’s regular ice cream in a deep fried coating. If you’re wondering how this is even possible, you’re certainly not alone! The temperature of the ice cream must be significantly below what the usual temperature is for an ice cream to be able to put it into a fryer. Some restaurants usually like to coat the ice cream in other materials like cornflakes to help this process, too.


It seems only fair to include some other variations of ice creams made in Asia. Sorbetes is a Filipino variation of ice cream, and though it’s named similar to sorbet, it’s not the same thing at all.

Nicknamed ‘dirty ice cream’ because it’s exposed to the elements in the air – though it’s not really that dirty. The main difference between sorbetes and regular ice cream is that it’s made with coconut cream (kakang gata), which gives it a much sweeter taste than your traditional ice cream.

J Cone (Jipangyi)

The J Cone is something you might have seen if you live in the United States, as it travelled there from Korea for the first time a fair few years ago now.

Essentially, a J Cone is just a J-shaped tube made from corn that’s filled with soft serve ice cream. It’s pretty similar to a churro, but whereas churros are served alone or with other accompaniments, you’re unlikely to find a J Cone without ice cream.

Ice Cream Cone vs Alternatives

Whilst the ice cream cone is the most common types of ice cream that you’ll see sold on the street, there are other versions. Personally, I like the cones after they were invented in the early 1900s, but to each their own.


If I’m not eating an ice cream cone, I’ve no hesitation to opt for a delicious ice cream stick. This is particularly because it’s relatively easy to find some healthy ice cream bars, which is perfect if you’re on a diet.


Although they say the ice cream sundae was invented on a sundae, we’re not entirely sure if this is true. A traditional sundae is just vanilla ice cream topped with a bit of whipped cream, syrup and topped with a delicious maraschino cherry.


Whilst this isn’t the healthiest thing in the world, it’s surely one of the most delicious. Well, I think so anyway. You really can’t get much better than combining two of the best things in the world together – ice cream and cake. Mmmmm.


Vendors will often just serve ice cream on it’s own in a little tub of bucket for you to enjoy. This can be a great ay to cut calories too, as you don’t need to worry about the excess calories in the cone.


Here’s just a few ideas on what you can do with ice cream – there are tons of possibilities for you to choose from that are all completely unique! It’s down to you to have a look at the different types of ice cream and see which ones suit you best.

Is it okay to eat ice cream when pregnant?


One of the most common cravings to eat when you’re pregnant is undoubtedly ice cream. Don’t ask me why; no one really knows why such specific cravings occur, but they’re usually related to eating high carbohydrate and fatty foods like ice cream. But is it okay to eat ice cream when you’re pregnant?

It’s thought that the reason that women crave ice cream during pregnancy is that psychologically, the thought of the sweetness of the ice cream is what you’re actually craving more than the taste. During pregnancy, a woman’s body will need to increase more than 30% in it’s volume of blood. This is to help accommodate the new baby. Eating sweet and salty foods can help to increase the blood flow throughout your body, which is likely why your brain craves these sweet and salty foods.

But, what about the effects of eating ice cream whilst your pregnant? Will this have any long term impact on your child’s health?

Is it okay to eat ice cream when pregnant?

Generally, you should absolutely fine eating ice cream whilst you’re pregnant. This is because any milk and eggs that may be contained in your ice cream have been pasteurized by the time that you’re going to eat them. This means that you don’t run the risk of getting salmonella poisoning, which is something you definitely need to avoid whilst you’re pregnant.

I think that the reason the majority of people question whether it’s okay to eat ice cream whilst pregnant is that they assume that dairy products may cause an issue for a baby. This is probably because it’s known that some soft cheeses can cause issues during pregnancy. And of course, you need to be super careful when eating eggs during your pregnancy. This is because certain eggs you eat give you the risk of getting salmonella poisoning – make sure your eggs are cooked thoroughly!

Now, it’s completely up to you whether you decide to eat ice cream whilst you’re pregnant – or junk food in general, for that matter. Generally, you want to try and avoid eating junk foods during your pregnancy (easier said than done sometimes, I know!). This is because pregnancy is a fundamental time for your babies growth, and you want to ensure that they’re getting the nutrients that they need.

There are several reasons that you might want to avoid junk food during your pregnancy. The main reasons are;

  • No nutritional benefits for your baby – Eating junk food doesn’t provide your baby with any of the crucial vitamins that they need to develop. Sugary foods with empty calories aren’t going to help your baby develop.
  • Weight Gain – Weight gain during your pregnancy is very normal. But too much weight gain can cause health complications like sleep apnea, so it’s important to try and stay eating a relatively balanced diet.
  • Allergies – Research has shown that your baby may develop allergies depending on the food that you’re eating. So, its important to restrict the amount of fats and sugars in your diet whilst you’re pregnant.
  • Fat – It’s also been heavily researched and proven that if you’re eating lots of fatty foods, you increase the chances of your child developing cravings for fatty foods too!

Of course, it’s important to remember that a certain amount of junk food is normal; you don’t need to stop eating anything bad completely! If you want to avoid chemicals, you can always use a maker and make the ice cream yourself.

What to eat instead?

If you really want to eat something sweet during your pregnancy, there are better options than opting for ice cream. Here’s a few that might help you fill those cravings.


Protein is essential for your babies health. Calcium is also essential for your babies health. The best way to get a combination of both? Find yourself a relatively healthy yoghurt and consume that as opposed to an ice cream that’s based primarily on fats and sugars. A good idea for this is to opt for a greek yoghurt and add a little honey to help sweeten the deal.


Berries are one of the best options you can pick from if you’re looking for some healthy to give your baby. In fact, they’re one of the best options if you’re looking for something healthy to give yourself, too! They’re filled with lots of vitamin C, which is awesome for your babies health and will help you to absorb iron – also essential for your little one! They also have relatively low sugar, so they’re unlikely to cause any spikes in insulin.

Dark Chocolate

I’m sure you’re probably fully aware of the health benefits of dark chocolate by now. It’s filled with antioxidants, which are great for your body. This makes it a great choice for those who are looking something a little less sweet, but still ultimately super enjoyable.

Low fat cheese

Although it can be difficult to find, super low fat cheese can also be a good option. If you grate your cheese first, this can help infinitely with portion sizing.


To conclude, it’s easy to see that you can most certainly eat small amounts of soft serve ice cream whilst you’re pregnant without guilt. The main thing that you need to remember is to not to overdo it! I know, it’s much harder said than done, but it is possible.

When you’re thinking of gorging on junk food – and by gorging, I mean a tub of ice cream, two whole pizzas and a pack of cookies – then remember that none of those foods are benefitting your child. Things like salmon, sweet potatoes and leafy greens actually provide some nutrients for your child. Try to remember this when you’re reaching for another bag of doritos!

What is the best ice cream freezer?


Considering buying an ice cream freezer but not too sure where to start? Well, here you’re in the right place. Making sure you get the right ice cream freezer for your needs is important, so you should think about what you are really looking for.

An ice cream freezer does exactly what it says on the label. But, there are different brands and varieties out there that make it difficult to know which option you should go for. Before you buy an ice cream freezer, there are undoubtedly a few things that you’ll need to consider beforehand.

Types of Commercial Ice Cream Freezer


The main thing that you’ll want to consider is the size of your ice cream freezer. For me, it tend to split that into two categories. That’s commercial ice cream freezers (like a chest freezer) and regular ice cream freezers (a lot smaller and more compact). Between these two types of ice cream freezer, you should be able to find something that suits your needs.

Standard Chest Freezer

If you’re looking for your standard freezer, then a chest freezer might be the best way to go for you. A chest freezer is simple, and has the benefit that you don’t just have to store ice cream in it. It works as well for other foods as well, as long as you don’t mind them being stored at the same temperature as your ice cream.

Dipping Cabinet

This type of freezer is specifically made for those looking to serve ice cream to the public. This gives your customers a great opportunity to check out the products and ice creams that you have available for them to choose from.

Glass Top

If you have an array of different flavors that you’re looking to store in your ice cream freezer, then it just makes sense to go for something with a glass top. By doing this, you can be sure that you won’t have to continually open your ice cream freezer every day to check what’s in there!

Best Commercial Ice Cream Freezer

Finding the best commercial ice cream freezer isn’t easy as there are numerous options out there for you. A good brand that you may or may not have heard of is Atosa. They create some pretty awesome products that are ideal if you’re looking for a large ice cream freezer that won’t break your bank balance.

Types of Small Ice Cream Freezer

Under Countertop

Whilst this can still be a commercial ice cream freezer, the majority of the time you’ll find that this isn’t big enough to store lots of ice cream. It’s usually better suited to something you might need in your home or a shop.

Getting yourself an under the countertop freezer could be a good option if you don’t want something that will take up all the space in your house or small business.


Best for small businesses, this type of mobile ice cream freezer is ideal for those who might be looking to introduce a small ice cream freezer into their shop. Getting a mobile ice cream freezer could change the design of your shop or house.

Best Ice Cream Scoop


If you’re thinking about making your own ice cream, or you just purchase your own ice cream often, then it can be worth looking at getting an ice cream scoop. Not only can ice cream scoops make your ice cream look nicer, but they’re also extremely handy for portion sizing, which is necessary when eating calorific ice cream.

But out of the different options out there, is one option much better than the other? Or are all ice cream scoops relatively similar? Well, listed below are some of the best ice cream scoops available right now, so let’s have a look at the similarities and differences between them.

Best Ice Cream Scoop

Sumo Ice Cream Scoop

SUMO Ice Cream Scoop: Solid Stainless Steel. Dishwasher Safe (Red)
  • THE INDESTRUCTIBLE SCOOPER: Kiss those snapped scoops and bent spoons goodbye forever. The ultra-strong SUMO stainless steel scoop is the last icecream scooper you'll ever buy. Enjoy your pure metal scoop forever without scratches, chips, bends, or breaks.
  • DESSERT TIME, ANY TIME: No more setting your ice cream out to soften. Instead, savor your favorite flavors any time your cravings strike with your SUMO scoop. What makes it the best ice cream scoop ever? The chiseled tip slices straight through even the hardest ice cream with ease.
  • NO SLIP, NO STRAIN, NO PAIN: Tired of ice cream spoon handles that bend under pressure and leave you with aching wrists? Then, make the switch to SUMO. Dip into your frozen dairy treats effortlessly and without pain thanks to our ergonomic design and comfy, squishy-yet-grippy rubber handle

This ice cream scoop is made of stainless steel. This makes it extra strong such that it does not bend, crack or even break. Once you purchase it, it will last you forever. You will not need to buy another one. It has a very comfortable handle made of rubber that offers a firm grip.

Its tip is shaped like a chisel which enables it to glide through hard or frozen ice cream. You no longer need to melt your ice cream for easy scooping. With this scoop, have your ice cream as hard as it is.

Sumo ice cream scoop is safe for wash in the dishwasher. There are no risks of safety while using it because it’s BPA free. Its handle does not bend while scooping hard ice cream unlike other scoops. You do not need to struggle to scoop ice cream with this scoop. It makes work easier for you.

This scoop has never broken so it is the best scoop for you. Once you purchase it, you get lifetime warranty. In case you experience difficulties with the Sumo scoop after purchasing it or it does not please you, inform the company and they’ll replace your scoop with a new one.

Spring Chef Ice Cream

Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop with Comfortable Handle, Mint
  • THE LAST ICE CREAM SCOOP YOU'LL NEED - Genuine heavy duty tool that is strong and sturdy with no mechanical gimmicks or moving parts that can break. Plus it's Dishwasher Safe. Great for other creative kitchen uses as well including using it to scoop out seeds from melons or filling peppers with stuffing. Works amazingly well for gelato and custard too and is guaranteed by our Lifetime Warranty.
  • CREATE PERFECT SPHERES OF ICE CREAM - cuts through smoothly and effortlessly so that ice cream curls onto itself, making beautiful and well-proportioned scoops for cones, brownies, sundaes, pies and more.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN SAVES YOU TIME AND ENERGY - Unique shape that is the best combination of a scoop and spade to help you easily tackle rock hard frozen desserts. Curved area of scoop makes brilliant curls while the thin edges help dig out ice cream from the corners of the container so you can enjoy every last tasty bite. The mint handle even has a notch to lift container lids which will keep your hands happy.

Spring Chef Ice Cream is very strong and sturdy. It does not have any moving parts capable of breaking or getting damaged. It is safe to use because it has a handle made of rubber which is comfortable and that makes the grip firm enough. The handle also prevents the cold on the metal from getting to your skin.

You get a lifetime warranty for this scoop once you purchase it. This is so because it does not break or get damaged. You can wash this scoop in your dishwasher. It is safe. You can also use this scoop to scoop other things such as the seeds from a watermelon, custard and gelato, among others.

The scoop itself has an elegant and fancy look that is pleasing to anyone who uses it. It rolls ice cream into perfect curls when released and gives nice proportioned scoops that can be used in pies, brownies, cones, and other desserts.

The scoop has thin edges that make it easy for you to scoop completely frozen ice cream. The edges also assist you to access the ice cream on the sides of the container which are usually difficult to obtain while using most scoops.

Vollrath Ice Cream Scoop

Vollrath (47140) 4 oz. Stainless Steel Disher
  • NSF certified dishers has molded one-piece handle improves durability, makes cleaning easy and prevents handle from coming apart
  • Stainless steel bowl and components to prevent corrosion and insure longer life; blade extends beyond bowl to prevent sticking
  • Color-coded handle for no-guess size selection; extended grooved handle provides a sure grip for comfortable use

The bowl of this scoop is made of stainless steel which prevents corrosion of the bowl by various substances. It also helps the bowl to last longer. There are blades that extend past the bowl to avoid the ice cream from sticking.

Vollrath ice cream scoop is NSF certified. It contains a handle that is in one piece without crevices. This ensures no water or bacteria is collected and harbored. The handle is made of polypropylene and is usually colored to make it appealing.

The surface of the handle is ribbed and grooved to give a firm grip and to increase comfort ability for use. It has a stopper notch that is built-in to prevent it from slipping through your hands. The handles are coated and have Agon antimicrobial that offers protection and ensures that it is safe to use with food.

The different colors on the handles are used to mark the sizes of the bowls. For example the gray handle is for the 4 ounce capacity scoop which is usually used in restaurants. The bowls of each size have exact dimensions such that there’s consistency in capacities to 5%. You can use this scoop commercially with assurance of consistency.

Balci Ice Cream Scoop

Professional Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop by BALCI - No-Thaw Hard Ice Cream Scoop - Dishwasher Safe - Non-Slip Rubber Grip Ice Cream Scooper Spade - Black
  • SMART POINTED TIP: LIFE'S TOO SHORT FOR MELTED ICE-CREAM! Now you can smoothly glide through rock-solid frozen ice-cream cartons with the BALCI premium ice cream scoop, thanks to its chisel tip!
  • SOLID STAINLESS STEEL: NOT ALL SCOOPS ARE CREATED EQUAL! Unlike all those flimsy ice cream scoopers that bend easily, our heavy-duty, professional ice cream scoop is made from indestructible stainless steel!
  • ERGONOMIC RUBBER GRIP: ALL THE ICE-CREAM, MINUS THE MESS! Our nonstick ice cream scoop features a comfy and non-slip BPA Free rubber handle, which is ideal for children, adults and seniors who can't wait to have ice-cream!

It is made using stainless steel that’s indestructible. This makes it strong and ensures it does not break or crack. It has a handle that’s made of rubber. The rubber provides you with a firm grip when holding it and prevents the scoop from sliding from your hands. This scoop is safe for use by anyone including children because the rubber handle is free of BPA.

The bowl of this scoop contains a chisel top. This assists you to scoop even the frozen ice creams that are solid hard without using much effort or getting pain on your wrists. They do not bend while scooping hard ice creams.

Use your dishwasher to clean the Balci ice cream scoop with no doubt of damage whatsoever. It is completely safe for dishwasher. This also reduces the time you take to wash it and you can use it as many times as you wish in a day by quickly washing it.

Enjoy equal amounts of ice cream with this scoop. You do not have to keep estimating so that everyone gets an equal share. This scoop does that for you. It gives you the perfect scoop for all your desserts such as brownies. You get a lifetime warranty on purchase of this scoop.

OXO Good Grips Ice Cream Scoop

OXO Good Grips Solid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop
  • Solid stainless steel Scoop won't chip or discolor
  • Pointed tip easily scoops even hard ice cream
  • Flat edges reach into corners of ice cream containers

Oxo Good Grips Ice Cream Scoop is made of stainless steel that is strong preventing bending or breaking while at use. It also increases the durability of the scoop. This scoop does not chip off and does not get discolored despite washing it a couple of times. This is because of the stainless steel.

It has a handle that is smooth and soft for the comfort of your hands. As from the name, the handle has a firm enough grip to prevent it from easily slipping off when using it. It is safe for washing in the dishwasher and for health purposes. It does not pose any risks to anyone using it. Children can also use it comfortably.

This scoop is fit for use with frozen ice cream, frozen yogurt and even sorbet. It scoops these hard items very easily with the aid of its pointed tip and no much effort is required. It also has flat edges on the bowls that assist you to access the corners of all types of containers. This way you get to have all the ice cream in the container. You do not waste ice cream by throwing away the container with bits of ice cream.

Get yourself the best ice cream scoop that lasts forever and enjoy ice cream at the comfort of your home at whatever time you desire.

What to look for in an Ice Cream Scoop?

Ice cream is something most people enjoy especially on hot summer days. The beauty of the scooped ice cream makes your ice cream even more delicious. For desserts such as brownies, specific amounts of ice cream is required. You require a good scoop for correct measurements. One challenge you encounter mostly is scooping the ice cream when it’s still frozen – so is there a specific scoop that’s better for the type of hard ice cream?

The best ice cream scoops give equal amounts of scoops without much struggle. They also enable scooping of ice cream when still hard. They are durable and save you the trouble of repeatedly buying new ones. For me, I prefer a spade style scoop for this, as it makes things much easier when dealing with hard ice cream. Granted, it’s still possible to do this with a traditional scoop, but for me a spade scoop is the better choice (which is why I’ve mainly put spade scoops in this list!).


The most important thing to consider when you’re getting an ice cream scoop is the price. Because they’re all very similar in the way that they’re made, then it makes sense to try and find a good deal. You can often find ice cream scoops at around $10, so if you’re on a tight budget, then you can find a cheap one.


Another thing to consider when you’re purchasing an ice cream scoop is the style of the scoop itself. Many scoops use a rubber handle, which can make it a lot easier to get a firm grip on the scoop itself. However, some scoops have a metal handle, which although might feel better quality, can be a little more difficult to hold.


Another thing to consider when getting an ice cream scoop is the style of the scoop itself. Depending on what you’re looking for, one style may be a better choice – personally, I like the spade style scoop much more than the traditional older ice cream scoop, as it’s easier to dig at the bottom of the tub.


Overall, these are just a few of the best ice cream scoops that you can find available online. Generally, ice cream scoops don’t vary too much in the way their made, so with any of these models, you should be pretty good to go.

However, depending on the type of ice cream that you’re going to be making, one of these scoops might be more suitable than the others (if you are going to make ice cream, then you might want to pick up an ice cream maker too). For soft serve ice cream, it can be a better idea to opt for a disher style scoop, as you’ll easily be able to scoop your ice cream up. However, for soft ice cream, it might be wiser to get a spade style scoop, as this can easily allow you to dig into harder ice cream. So, depending on your needs, each of these may prove to be a good option for you.

Best Cheese Grater


A cheese grater is the unsung hero of the kitchen. Whilst other implements are used regularly, the cheese grater only comes out every now and then, but it’s still undoubtedly something you need in every kitchen. Whether you’re using it to grate cheese or something else, a good grater is a staple kitchen utensil.

But depending on what kind of food you’re making, there are different types of grater for each need. And whilst most kitchens need a standard box grater, there are a few other types of grater out there as well which might be a useful addition to your kitchen. So, lets take a look at a few different models to work out which cheese grater would be a good choice for you.

Best Cheese Grater

Utopia Kitchen Cheese Grater

Utopia Kitchen Cheese Grater for Kitchen Stainless Steel 6-Sides - Easy to Use and Non-Slip Base
  • STAINLESS STEEL CHEESE GRATER - Box handled cheese grater is manufactured with high grade 430 stainless steel for optimal longevity
  • RUBBER HANDLE - The single handle design fits comfortably in one hand and allows for efficient shredding; it has a rubber handle which fits comfortably in one's hands
  • MULTIPLE USES - Use with cheese, vegetables like cabbage, cucumber and carrots, and other foods for easy shredding

This box type grater is made from stainless steel and is one of the best there is in the market. You can use this long-lasting cheese grater to prepare cheese, vegetables and other food ingredients that are easy to shred. It is designed to allow the user to fit it in one hand to shred their foods effectively.

Is comfort one of the driving factors when choosing a cheese grater? This rubber handled type of a grater will provide you with just the comfort you need. Shredding is a simple task but only when working with a comfortable type of a grater.

With $ 8 or less, you can get this useful kitchen tool from wholesale or retail stores. Online shoppers can also get it shipped from the manufacturer to their location. Look out for stores with offers and get to enjoy great discounts.

Food should be prepared in clean surfaces and the use of clean tools is recommendable. Utopia kitchen cheese grater is easy to clean by hand. For those that prefer using dishwashers, this is the grater to buy as it is dishwasher safe. The next time you want to try out a new recipe? Get yourself this best cheese grater and give your food a fine finishing.

Deiss Pro Cheese Grater

Deiss PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater - Parmesan Cheese Lemon, Ginger, Garlic, Nutmeg, Chocolate, Vegetables, Fruits - Razor-Sharp Stainless Steel Blade Wide Dishwasher Safe
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE & BUILT TO LAST The Grater-Zester has a razor-sharp stainless steel blade that won't rust and a comfortable, non-slip handle. Its unique curved sides make it extremely rigid and allow you to apply more force when it's needed.
  • SAVE SPACE IN THE KITCHEN Replace your bulky, unsafe, and hard-to-clean box grater or heavy electric food processor with a single Deiss Grater-Slicer. The metal grater's teeth won't clog up the way other graters do, so it's a snap to clean. Just pass it under running water.
  • IMPROVE YOUR COOKING Amaze your friends with new, restaurant-like recipes. Add strong new flavours with freshly zested ingredients without any bitter pith taste. When using the grater with hard cheeses such as parmesan, you'll get a nice pile of cheese that melts almost instantly on hot pasta.

Are you looking for the best cheese grater that is easily available in the market? The Deiss pro cheese grater is one of those long lasting and comfortable to use kitchen tool. This workhorse can be used to prepare cheese, Zester, lemon, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, chocolate, fruits, as well as vegetables.

With this kitchen tool, you are not worried about getting it to work as it’s easy to clean. With just soap and water, you can get to prepare your food with a clean tool. Those that use dishwashers are not left out as the tool is dishwasher safe and you do not need to clean it separately.

Most people have limited kitchen space making bog graters look bulky. Are you limited on storage space? Get yourself a Deiss cheese grater and you only need small storage space. You do not have to purchase a bulky cheese grater when there is one that is comfortable, long lasting and can fit in the smallest kitchen you can think of.

With $ 12 or less, you can get this grater from popular kitchen stores. Buy this tool from the comfort of your home and the manufacturer can ship it to your location of choice.

Value Tools Manual Cheese Grater

Valuetools Manual Rotary Cheese Grater - Round Mandoline Slicer Cheese Shredder Vegetable Slicer, Tumbling Box Shredder with Strong Suction Base With FDA Certification
  • FDA Certification: Upgrade!Upgrade!Upgrade! Weak base? Rotary cheese slicer bottom is reinforced, the rotating buttons are easier, and the bottom suckers are stronger.(Picture 2)  Part bad? Adopt integrated design to avoid trouble of disassembly and damage of parts.Cheese grater is more stable and more efficient.
  • High efficient Nut Chopper: crank 1 circle means 12 cuts by traditional. You will SAVE much TIME to prepare you meals. The vegetable grater shredder is perfect for cheese, hash brown, potatoes, veggies, radish, carrot, zucchini, cucumbers, nuts, cookies and more.
  • High Quality Potato Cutter: The plastic part of the vegetable grinder is made from resistant and durable BPA free ABS. 3 sharp drum blades are made from food grade STAINLESS STELL. Its strong and stable suction base which you can lock to hold tightly in place with no pressure on any flat and smooth kitchen surface.

This is the best cheese grater to be bought if you are updating your kitchen to a modernized one. Use this tool to grate cheese, chop nuts, cut potatoes and also grind specific foods. There is so much you can do with just one tool thus making it an economical gadget to invest in.

Many people fear complex tools in their kitchen. Though Value tools manual cheese grater is a multipurpose tool, it is easy to install and use. You can easily detach the parts and assemble them back after cleaning. You have the user manual packaged to guide you on its use, cleaning, and operation.

Are you looking for a kitchen tool that you can prepare with cheese, vegetable, nuts, cookies, and other foods? This is one kitchen tool with high quality and efficient potato cutter. It has an incorporated plastic vegetable grinder that is both durable and resistant. This is safe to use tool that is easy to clean, assemble and store.

With $20 or less, you can easily get this kitchen workhorse. Read the user manual and follow all the instructions to the letter. With proper use and care, this is a long lasting tool that can efficiently serve you for many years.

 K Basix Cheese Grater

K BASIX Cheese Grater & Shredder - Stainless Steel - 4 Sided Box Grater - Large Grating Surface with Razor Sharp Blades - Perfect to Slice, Grate, Shred & Zest Fruits, Vegetables, Cheeses & More!
  • Quick and Easy- Best Solution for Quick and Easy Grating of Vegetables, Fruits, Hard & Soft Cheeses, Carrots, Zucchini, Chocolate and More!
  • 4 Graters in 1- Coarse Shred, Medium Shred, Fine Shred / Zester & Slicer. You Won't Need Another Grater Ever!
  • Heavy Duty & Ultra Sharp- The Stainless Steel Blades Are Sturdy & Long Lasting Giving You Excellent Experience for Years to Come

Does the best cheese grater to you mean one that can prepare both soft and hard cheese? Then you are home with a K Basix cheese grater. This is a kitchen tool you can use to prepare fruits, vegetables, carrot, zucchini, chocolate, and all types of cheese. The tool has 4 graters in one, making it the perfect kitchen tool that replaces all other graters.

K Basix cheese grater is a heavy duty grater that it’s worth spending your cash on. Its stainless steel blades are long lasting, sturdy and easy to use. Many kitchen tools just need to be sharp and this grater is just easy to sharpen and its sharpness is long lasting.

Enjoy the comfort this cheese grater presents to you. You have the privilege of working with a tool that has a comfortable handle and a perfect grip.  Its handle is made of long-lasting rubber, it is thick, soft and of a good fitting. You will not suffer from a slipping tool if you invest in this kitchen tool.

With $ 11 or less, you can get this tool for your modern kitchen. This is a cheese grater that does not have rusting blades and is easy to clean and use. With proper use and care, this cheese grater will serve you efficiently for many years.

OXO Cheese Grater

OXO 1057961 Good Grips Box Grater,Silver,1EA
  • Sharp, stainless steel blades for easy grating
  • Coarse, medium and fine grating surfaces, and slicing surface
  • Slim construction conveniently fits into drawers

A cheese grater is one kitchen tool that is to be of a good grip and comfortable to use. The Oxoo cheese grater is just that making it among the best cheese graters available in the market today. It is an effective tool to use having been made from stainless steel and easy to sharpen blades.

Are you looking for a comfortable, soft and non-slip grip cheese grater? Look no further as Oxo cheese grater is all this and more. This kitchen tool is easy to clean, use and occupies a small storage area. Invest in this tool with comfortable grating surfaces that are also easy to clean.

The Oxoo cheese grater is made with a small kitchen in mind. Are you looking for a grater that you can perfectly fit them in a kitchen drawer? This is the perfect kitchen tool for you. Enjoy using this cheese grater with attachable containers that can be easily cleaned. Use its containers to hold, measure and/or store your grated foods.

With $ 18 or less, you can get yourself this kitchen tool with multiple kitchen uses.  Use, clean and store this tool as advised and you will enjoy many years of efficient service.

What to look for in a cheese grater

Cheese graters are important items in modern day kitchens where meals need to have a perfect final touch. You can use this kitchen tool to zest, grate, slice or shred food ingredients that are to be used in bringing the best out of your meal.

There are different types, brands, and designs of this kitchen tool, each with different slots that have different results. But how can you decide between them? Well, here are some of the differences to be aware of between different cheese graters.


For me, the most important thing to consider when getting a cheese grater is the design of the grater itself. I’ve tried to include a few different types of cheese grater that you’ll find available here, whether it’s the traditional box handled cheese grater which will suit the majority, or you’re looking for a single grater that you can tuck away with your cutlery. Depending on your needs, one of these will be far more suitable for you than the other. So, that’s the first decision that you’ll need to make.


Another thing that you will undoubtedly want to take into account is the price of the grater. Fortunately, the majority of graters nowadays are available at a pretty low price, so you won’t need to invest a ton of cash into one to get a decent product. You can find a decent cheese grater at around $10-15, and there’s no need to spend more than that.


Overall, these are just a few of the best cheese graters that are currently available at a pretty cheap price. Whilst there are other options out there, they’ll likely come at a more expensive price than these models, and to be honest, there isn’t much point in buying something too expensive – they all cost the same price! So if you’re looking for a decent quality cheese grater, then here are some of the top options around.

A cheese grater is a necessary addition to any kitchen. You won’t notice how much you need one until you’re ready to make a lasagna or a salad, so it’s worth picking one up for these sorts of meals.

Best Milk Frother | Handheld or Heater for Frothy Coffee?


If you’re one of those people that spends $5 at Starbucks every day, then a milk frother might be the best investment you make this year. $5 a day equates to almost $2000 a year in coffee alone, which could be an extra holiday every year. So, a milk frother might prove to be a great investment.

But if you’re looking for the best frother, how do you decide on which is best? Well, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you’re getting a decent choice for your needs. So, here are a few of best options currently available right now.

Best Milk Frother

Bean Envy Milk Frother

Bean Envy Milk Frother Handheld - Perfect For The Best Latte - Whip Foamer - Includes Stainless Steel Stand - Black
  • TRANSPORT YOURSELF TO YOUR FAVORITE CAFÉ EVERY MORNING: Bean Envy's Electric Milk Frother delivers you rich, creamy froth just like the professional baristas. Whether you're entertaining friends or family, frothing foam for your favorite beverage, or sending as a gift to loved ones, we guarantee our Milk Frother will deliver creamy, thick, velvety froth every time.
  • FAST FROTHING WITH A VARIETY OF FUNCTIONS: This battery-operated frother is portable and perfect for the home, office, or traveling. The Bean Envy Milk Frother's robust motor is powerful enough (19,000 rpm) to froth your desired foam in as fast as 15 seconds. Not only does this Milk Frother create creamy, perfect froth, it also can be used to mix hot or cold drinks, blend your favorite cocktail, or even whip eggs.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Not all Milk Frothers are created equal. Bean Envy's electric handheld Milk Frother wand is made with 304 rust-resistant stainless steel, a powerful 19,000 rpm motor that produces very little noise, and a stand that will not break or bend when moved around the kitchen.

This is a handheld frother and it is the perfect choice for a good latte. It is operated by batteries and is portable. It has a robust motor which is very powerful and that produces very little noise while at work. It rotates at 19,000 rpm. This shows it is very fast. It can take 15 seconds to give you the froth you desire. You will save time going to the coffee shop in the morning and have to queue.

This frother gives creamy and thick froth. You can also use it to mix hot or cold drinks, to blend your cocktails or to whip eggs when baking or so.

The wand of Bean Envy milk frother is made using stainless steel that is resistant to rust. This is essential because you use it on liquid foods so for health safety it should not rust. It also contains a stand made of stainless steel that is strong. The stand will not bend or break as you move it around.

It has a silicone rubber handle that is comfortable to use and that ensures your hand is not strained but in an ergonomically required position. You get a lifetime warranty once you purchase it.

Zulay Milk Frother

Zulay Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker for Lattes with Stand - Whisk Drink Mixer for Bulletproof Coffee, Mini Blender and Foamer for Cappuccino, Frappe, Matcha, Hot Chocolate by Milk Boss - Black
  • MAKE RICH, CREAMY FROTH IN SECONDS We coffee lovers are serious when it comes to our coffee. The Milk Boss Frother gives that professional finishing touch to your latte, cappuccino, macchiato or hot chocolate. Make delicious foamy creamer for your drinks at home without a trip to Starbucks with your own milk frother. The benefits of having your own electric drink whisk mixer are endless, you can make your own best latte, you know your tastes best.
  • MATCHA WHISKING, KETO COFFEE & MORE Customers say our frother works better than a manual matcha whisk for making matcha tea and works far better than fork or whisk for keto bullet proof coffee. It works very well to mix nutritious protein powder drinks with no extra container, blender or bottle shaker to wash. Use our mini mixer for your whisking and mixing needs: Give healthy shakes and smoothies a kick by adding whey powder or egg nog flavor and mixing.
  • PROVEN AND TRUSTED QUALITY We use only premium materials. The construction will last, backed by our Zulay Guarantee to not rust or break, ever. Our small and efficient frother works on all types of milk - half and half, creamer, soy, almond, cashew, hazelnut, whole milk, and other dairy such as butter or cream.

This milk frother works on batteries and is a handheld frother. It is not noisy during operation which is conducive. These batteries are rechargeable. They are not part of the package but are easily accessible. It uses two AA batteries. This milk frother is powerful and fast. Using this frother to prepare your coffee saves you a lot of time.

You can use it to make lattes, cappuccino, macchiato or hot chocolate. It works very well for making matcha tea, keto bullet proof coffee and to mix nutritious protein powder drinks. Use it also to whisk eggs for smooth omelets and scrambled eggs and to make milkshakes or smoothies.

It contains a fancy stand made of stainless steel which gives an easy storage for the milk frother. When you place the frother on the stand it looks appealing and rhymes with the other coffee maker. It is quite easy to clean this frother. You need to place it under hot running water then turn on the frother. Be careful not to get the top of the frother in contact with water.

It is a long lasting frother and fulfils your frothing desires. In case you get disappointed, they have lifetime insurance so the company will get you covered.

Bonsenkitchen Milk Frother

Bonsenkitchen Electric Milk Frother, Automatic Milk Foam Maker for Bulletproof Coffee, Matcha, Stainless Steel Whisk Battery Operated Mini Drink Mixer Blender
  • Perfect Milk Frothing - High speed rotation of food safe stainless-steel whisk shaft, this handheld milk frother is perfect for creating cramy foam within 15-20s for bulletproof coffee, latte, milk shake, hot chocolates and matcha powder as well as a good egg beater
  • Ergonomic Portable Design - the lightweight hand milk frother with an ergonomic handle makes frothing and creating delicate foam easily. Protable size is convenient to carry makes sure you can enjoy your morining coffee although in traveling
  • Classic Never Outdate Style: The coffee milk mixer is styled in sliver and black color perfectly fit with any modern kitchen. Decent present for daily coffee drinkers

With a high rotation speed of the whisk made using stainless steel and a shaft that is BPA free, Bonsenkitchen milk frother is perfect for producing delicate foam to make various drinks like chocolate milkshake, hot chocolates, vienna mélange, marrocchino and other drinks.

It is a handheld frother and operates by the use of batteries. It comes with two AA batteries. It is very simple to operate. It has a one-touch switch and a highly powered motor that ease use and make it fast. Place your liquid froth in a container up to 1/3 full then place it in and turn it on. If you desire a perfect foam, maintain the temperature of the milk below 600C

This milk frother contains an ergonomic handle that makes it comfortable for you to use. It is lightweight and small in size which is easy for you to carry to your work place and other trips.

To clean this milk frother is so simple. You can clean the shaft and whip in some water with mild soap as the whisk is rotating. Rinse the soap off by placing it under clean running water. Clean only the shaft and whisk but not to the handle. It is risky to let the upper part get in contact with water.

Powerlix Milk Frother

PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker For Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Durable Drink Mixer With Stainless Steel Whisk, Stainless Steel Stand Include (Black)
  • GET CREAMY FROTH QUICKLY: Powerlix brings you its portable handheld milk frother for frothed milk. If you love your morning coffee with lots of froth and foam, then you certainly want to have Powerlix frothing wand at home or your cafà style cappuccino. It comes with a stand for easy storage and can be kept on the countertop.
  • BATTERY OPERATED FOR PERFECT FROTH IN NO TIME: The mixer is battery powered so you don't have to worry about cords and finding sockets. Heat up the milk, immerse the espresso maker into the cup and turn it on. The milk foamer will start creating creamy froth on the milk instantly. Within 15 - 20 seconds, you have a cup filled with creamy froth and ready to go into your coffee latte.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: Our milk whisk frappe maker is made of the best quality stainless steel. It has a powerful motor that gives you 19000 rpm and the dual spring durable long 18/10 food safe material stainless steel spiral whisk that won't rust or break over the time, delivers double the power of other frothers and professional espresso makers available. The power button on top makes it easy to use. The low noise motor barely makes a sound.

It is handheld and is operated by batteries. This eliminates the hustle and struggle of getting sockets and cords. It is very fast. Once you turn it on, it starts forming froth immediately. After 20 seconds you will have the froth you desire for your coffee latte.

As part of its package is a stand for storing it. You can place this frother on your countertop with the help of the stand. It is elegant and stylish. It is black so it fits perfectly in any kitchen. It is designed such that it is very light making it easy for you to carry. It also has a soft and smooth handle that is of ergonomic design. This handle enhances your comfort while using the milk frother.

It is of high quality, made with stainless steel. It contains a motor that rotates at 19,000 rpm. It also has a long stainless steel whisk that is safe for handling food. This whisk is durable. It will neither rust nor break even after a long period of frequent use. It is not noisy. It is also very easy to use with its power button at the top.

Use it for either hot or cold liquids. It has a warranty of up to three months with total refund.

Vava Milk Frother

VAVA Milk Frother Electric Liquid Heater with Hot Milk Functionality, Stainless Steel Electric Milk Steamer for Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate (FDA Approved)
  • Hot, Warm, or Cold Milk: Refresh yourself with your choice of cold, warm, or hot milk so you can make cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes, flat whites, and more.
  • Note: Please use milk less than 115ml/3.9oz for frothing, 240ml/8.1oz for heating. Please use whole milk for frothing.
  • Extra Whisks for More Froth: Comes with an additional set of whisks for frothy-goodness to delight the entire family

This milk frother is an electric liquid heater. It is silent while in operation. It has a good and attractive design. Its design includes an angled spout that reduces spills. It is safe to use. Its strix temperature controls meet the international safety standards.

You can use Vava milk frother to froth hot, warm or cold milk. Use Vava milk frother to make lattes, flat whites, macchiatos and cappuccinos of your choice. You need to use whole milk for frothing and its amount should be less than 115 mL or 3.9 oz. For heating you should use milk less than 240 ml.

In its package there are extra sets of whisks in case you need more froth. This is mostly when you have visitors at your house or you are making coffee for the entire family.  It saves you time unlike other milk frothers with just one whisk.

It is easy and safe to clean. This is due to the non-stick coating on its inside which prevents the milk from sticking to its sides. Once it is clean, no traces of milk can be seen in this milk frother. It has a 90 days warranty backed by the supplier. If you purchase it from amazon, you get a refund or replacement if it displeases you.

What to look for in a Milk Frother

Coffee is a good drink to have in the morning as you prepare to run your errands. Most times you go to cafes or Starbucks and chances are you get a queue. You don’t have to endure this every morning. Getting yourself the best milk frother can make it easy to make quality coffee like what you purchase at your local coffee shop.

The best milk frothers are easy to use and are very fast. You will spend less time making coffee in your house than going to purchase it from a store. You can also use them to prepare a variety of drinks such as milkshakes, smoothies or even to whisk eggs. However, not all frothers can be used for all liquid foods.

Selecting the best milk frother from all the options available isn’t easy. What should you look for if you’re looking for a decent milk frother? Well, here are a few of the options to look at if you want the best milk frother for your needs.


The first thing to take into account when purchasing a milk frother is the price. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can usually find a frother at a pretty cheap price, so you shouldn’t be too concerned about the price of a milk frother.


Another thing that you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re purchasing a milk frother is the design of the frother itself. Whilst it might seem like a good idea to get a handheld milk frother, if you’re going to be making coffee regularly, then it might be a better idea to opt for a heater frother. This can make things a lot quicker and easier if you’re going to be making frothy coffee at the early hours of the morning.


Here are just a few of the different styles and types of milk frother that you’ll find available online. Depending on what you’re looking for, one type of milk frother will likely be a better choice for you. So, hopefully this has given you a better idea about the options available if you’re after a decent milk frother.

A milk frother isn’t exactly a kitchen necessity, but it can undoubtedly be a good addition to any kitchen. So, it’s worth looking at getting yourself a milk frother to help making frothy milk or coffee a little easier to make.

Are there Health Benefits of Eating Ice Cream?


Got a craving for some sweet desserts? Read on as we find out whether or not ice cream is just empty calories.

If you ask anyone what they think of ice cream, many of you might think that ice cream is just a guilty pleasure that you eat whenever you feel down or when you deserve a treat. It’s always reserved as a “cheat” meal, or a rewarding dessert after dinner. All in all, “nutritious” or “beneficial” will seldom cross anyone’s mind.

But that’s all about to change. When eaten right, ice cream actually has many benefits for your health. From its nutritional content to its psychological effects; it’s all explainable. It’s not just because it’s an indulgent, but it has a scientific reason behind it. Let’s cut to the chase and

Are there Health Benefits of Eating Ice Cream?

Ice cream could help you lose weight

This might come as a shock to you, but ice cream could actually help you lose weight. But be mindful that we’re talking about eating a certain amount of ice cream only. The magic word here is calcium, which ice cream apparently has a lot of – after all ice cream is a dairy product.

A research was conducted to find out the effect of calcium on women’s weight management. It was found that women who consume more calcium (more dairy) has less body fat percentage at the end of the experiment; and it was concluded that calcium is important in managing body weight.

This could be due to the fact that calcium keeps your fat cells controlled; and deficiency in calcium could actually lead to enlargement of your fat cells – leading to higher body fat percentages and weight gain.

It’s not just that; if you think drinking warm glass of milk will do the same, think again. It turns out that cold food could help you use up more calories than warm food – this is because the body needs to heat up the food as it goes inside our body. Ice cream has this effect, thus it could potentially burn more calories.

Ice cream could increase fertility

Are you trying to have a baby? Here’s another reason why you really should go for that ice cream cone: it increases your fertility level. According to researchers, eating ice cream could increase the chances of women getting pregnant, and again, it’s because ice cream is a dairy product.

It was found that when comparing women who consume low fat dairy products and those who consume full fat products such as ice cream and full fat milk, the ones who consume low fat dairy products on a regular basis have lower possibility of getting pregnant.

On the other hand, those who consume full fat dairy can get pregnant more easily. Doctors even suggested that you should switch to full fat dairy first if you’re trying to get pregnant. So go with your instinct, women; and grab that tub of vanilla ice cream! And don’t skip on any of the fat either!

Ice cream stimulates your brain

Do you have a client presentation or a morning exam? Then you have our permission to eat ice cream for breakfast. A research by a Japanese scientist have found that eating a scoop of ice cream in the morning for breakfast could actually boost your brain activity.

During the research, two groups were tested using computer based mental exercises. One group was told to eat normal breakfast, while the other was fed ice cream for breakfast before the test. It was found that the group who had ice cream tested better, with more concentration and faster reactions.

With this in mind, we can say that eating ice cream is no longer reserved as a bonus meal during dinner, but it’s the breakfast of geniuses.

Ice cream improves your mood

Just like in movies, one of your go-to moves when you’re feeling rather blue is to open that freezer and grab a scoop of ice cream. Your reflexes might be on to something, because ice cream does actually improve your mood.

An experiment was conducted by a group of researchers to find out the effect of ice cream on mood. They found that the brain’s responses to sadness were significantly reduced when fatty solution was infused into the stomach. Respondents also reported less hunger and a better mood when the fatty solution was given.

It was even said that the effect was very pronounced, because the fatty solution reduced the intensity of sad emotions by almost half–which is about as much as any prescription antidepressant can achieve! This was quiet a breakthrough as it could lead to pharmacological importance; because in a sense, ice cream could very well be an alternative answer to depression.

Looking at all those benefits, nutritionally and psychologically speaking, we hope we’ve changed your mind about ice cream. Because eaten in the right amount at the right time (ie. in the morning) ice cream is so much more than just a bonus meal you can have for dessert, or a guilty pleasure. In fact, throw that guilty feeling away, because you should feel great after you eat them as science told you so.

We’re not telling you to eat a tub of ice cream everyday, as we all know that it’s all about balance. Ice cream is still a high calorie meal, and you should always be mindful of that as overeating could lead to unnecessary weight gain. A good measure is about a scoop a day (you can get an ice cream scoop to help you with portion control!).

Also, always opt for a more natural ice cream that has less additives; or better yet, make your own! Remember to take everything in moderation, and that a little often goes a long way. So, go ahead and grab that ice cream cone, especially if it’s for breakfast!

What is the best ice cream for diabetics?


If you’re diabetic, then it’s important to know that ice cream isn’t completely off the menu for you. There are definitely some good diabetic ice cream options for you to choose from! Here, we’ll have a look through some of the best ice cream for diabetics that you can find.

The main thing that you need to consider when you’re looking for a diabetic ice cream is the sugar content, though there’s more to it than that. You certainly need to consider the fat content and overall calories in your dessert too.

Finding a suitable ice cream for diabetes is pretty simple; you need to look for ice creams that don’t have any added sugars primarily. Secondly, look for ice creams that are relatively low in calories. You can also make the ice cream yourself in a machine or ice cream maker.

Lets have a look at some of the best options that you can find if you are looking for a diabetic ice cream that’s suitable to eat.

What is the best ice cream for diabetics?

Enlightened Ice Cream


Grams of Sugar per Half Cup: 3g (Vanilla)

Although I’m not the biggest fan of the taste of Enlightened ice cream, I’ve definitely got to admit that it’s one of the healthiest options out there. Whether you’re a diabetic or not, Enlightened is a good choice if you’re looking to keep the calories and sugars low.

They have a pretty wide variety of quirky flavors, which makes them an ideal choice for diabetics who are fed up of having to dine on vanilla ice cream. Not that I have anything against vanilla ice cream – but sometimes you just need a change of pace. I listed their vanilla ice cream as it’s the lowest in sugar, but their other flavors aren’t many more grams in sugar than this.

Arctic Zero Ice Cream


Grams of Sugar per Half Cup: 7g (Vanilla Maple)

Another brand that produce some quirky options for us is Arctic Zero. The brand is generally directed at fitness and health enthusiasts, making them perfect for those os us who are looking to cut down on the sugar.

Arctic Zero have the widest variety of different options for their customers, with the regular brand being lower fat than regular ice cream. Personally I prefer the lactose free option, as it has a slightly different texture than using regular milk.

Halo Top Ice Cream


Grams of Sugar per Half Cup: 6g (Vanilla Bean)

Probably the best known ice cream on the list, Halo Top has really gone global in recent years with their brand. They’re a great option if you’re looking to cut calories and more importantly for us, to cut sugar out too.

Since Halo top were only founded in 2012, it’s almost incomprehensible that they’ve increased so much in popularity in such a short amount of time. They’re a prime example of why healthy ice creams are on the up – although there will always be a place for the unhealthy ones, too!

Breyers Ice Cream


Grams of Sugar per Half Cup: 4.2g (Vanilla)

Ah, ye olde faithful. Breyers are one of the safest options that you can go for if you’re looking for a delicious ice cream brand that won’t expand your waist or contains too much lactose.

Breyer’s have a wide variety of different options, but their specifically No Sugar Added section is perfect for those cutting the sugar out as much as possible.

Things you can do to combat the sugar spike

It’s common knowledge that for diabetics, you need to try and combat the sugar spike in some way. When glucose builds up in your bloodstream, you’re at risk of this. There are a few simple preventative measures that you can take to help combat the sugar spike that you’re likely going to experience when eating ice cream.

Take a walk post ice cream

So, there are 4 of the best ice creams for diabetics if you want a quick and easy option. Another great idea if you’re looking for a diabetic ice cream is.. to make it yourself! There are tons of great recipes and opportunities to find a delicious diabetic ice cream; here’s a couple of my favorites;

If you have diabetes, it’s important to keep your blood sugars low. Many diabetics opt to only eat ice cream on days that they have exercised extensively to help keep the blood sugars low. Whilst this isn’t a necessity, it is important to understand your own body and whether ice cream will make you ‘spike’. To combat this, it’s a great idea to take a short walk after eating your ice cream. Doing this can help to keep your blood sugars low.

Portion Sizes

No matter what food it is that you’re eating, it’s important to monitor the portion sizes of your food. This is especially true with high carbohydrates foods, so just be sure not to overdo it when eating your dessert.

Consider Calories

It’s undoubtedly important to monitor the amount of calories that you’re consuming every day, and that doesn’t change if you’re eating ice cream. It can be difficult to know whether to opt for a high carbohydrate ice cream or a high fat ice cream; you’re likely not going to find an ice cream that has neither (you might have to look at having a yogurt, if that’s what you really want). Whilst a high fat ice cream may seem like a good option if you’re trying to minimize the amount of sugars you’re getting, this of course has it’s own issues. We want to limit the amount of sugars we’re getting in our diet, but the likelihood is that you won’t be able to eradicate them completely, especially if you like to eat ice cream!


By combining a low sugar ice cream with the methods above, you should have all you need to help avoid the risk of eating too much glucose. It’s strange; some diabetic friends can’t really eat ice cream at all, whilst others can and won’t notice the difference – it all depends on your body and how it works. Just make sure to treat your body with respect, and in turn it will take care of you, too.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Review


If you are looking for a new ice cream maker, then usually Cuisinart is the most common brand that people look to. This is because the products they make are usually pretty cheap and pretty reliable, too.

There are several different Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers that you might want to look at depending on the size of your family. For this review, I’m going to be looking at the ICE-21, which is only 1.5 Quart and suitable for a few people. You may want to opt for a bigger ice cream maker like the ICE-70, which makes just over 2 quarts of ice cream and is more suited to a large family. Personally, my favorite large ice cream maker is this one by Nostalgia. It’s 4 quart, which means you can make enough for now and save some for later on in the week!

Anyway, back to the Cuisinart ICE-21, which is my favorite option if you’re after a small ice cream maker.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Review


The Cuisinart makes ice cream for up to 1.5 quarts, which is about normal for an ice cream maker that you’ll just use at home. Personally, this isn’t enough for me to use it as I like to make larger amounts of ice cream, but it is perfect for smaller portions of ice cream. Plus, it’s not like it’s a massive hardship to use this ice cream maker repeatedly.


I still use manual ice cream makers sometimes, but I have to admit it’s much easier to use an electric one nowadays. For the majority of people, an electric ice cream maker is better as you don’t need to put any effort into making your ice cream.

Easy to Clean

It’s my pet peeve that people create ice cream maker that are difficult to clean. It’s so unnecessary to have loads of crevices for ice cream to get stuck.. why do it?! Well, at least you don’t need to worry about that with the Nostalgia, as it’s extremely easy to clean. All it takes is a quick soak and wipe down after use and it’ll be good to go again!

No Pre Freeze

Did I say that it’s my pet peeve when it’s difficult to clean an ice cream maker? Well, this is a close second. With many ice cream makers you have to pre freeze to ensure that it’s cold enough for your ice cream to be churned properly. You DON’T need to worry about this with the Nostalgia, as you can do this easily wiht pre freezing.

Salt & Ice

You will need to lays the edges of this ice cream maker with salt and ice, which isn’t the norm. With other ice cream makers, you can add the salt after, but it doesn’t really make much of a difference. Still, I thought that I had better mention this because it does affect the way that you will produce ice cream.

Old Fashioned

To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t really know why this “Nostalgia” ice cream maker is commended so much as being old fashioned. Sure, it looks vintage but it certainly doesn’t work in a vintage way – I mean come on, it’s electric! Anyway, I guess it’s old fashioned appearance does make it look good, so if this is something that concerns you then the Nostalgia will undoubtedly look good in your kitchen.

It’s faster

One of the main reasons that I like this ice cream maker is that it’s much faster at making ice cream than a regular ice cream maker. This is because the churning mechanism works faster, without affecting the quality of the ice cream in general. Mmm, delicious!

It’s safe for kids

The safety mechanisms in this ice cream maker make it suitable for children to use, too. This is one of the reasons that I’ve picked it as my favorite, because I can use it with my grandchildren without worrying about them hurting their fingers.

Different Options

Many ice cream makers only intend for you to use their ice cream mixes. This is pretty much the same with this one, as they advertise their own ice cream mixtures pretty vigorously.

This doesn’t mean to say you cannot use other ice cream mixes; you can! This ice cream maker will work well with a wide variety of different mixes, so don’t worry if you think you can only use it with Nostalgia products.

The ICE-21 in action!


 It’s a great option to start with if you’re looking to get your first ice cream maker. Whilst there are many others on the market that are also good options, this is a great place to start because it’s very easy to use.

 Unlike many ice cream makers, you don’t have to use ice to make ice cream with this one. This is due to the insulated bowl that you’re going to use, which if you leave in the freezer beforehand, makes it cold enough that you don’t have the need for ice.

 Whilst I don’t like to emphasise on price too much in my posts, this one really is available at a cheap price. Hence why it’s so popular as one of the best ice cream makers within it’s price bracket.


 The size may be an issue you for if you’re looking to produce a substantial amount of ice cream.

 For best results, you really need to freeze the bowl a few hours before (preferably the night before, actually) you’re actually going to use it. Not too much of a big deal, but it might be inconvenient for some.

 Whilst I’ve ever experienced any bad customer service from Cuisinart, I have had some friends who have had a bad experience with them. Usually I prefer to go for big name brands because of their warranty, so this condescends that completely. Make your own choice!

Overall Verdict

Overall, I’d be happy to recommend this ice cream maker to a friend if they were looking for an easy ice cream maker to use with their family. Whilst it isn’t the highest quality in my opinion, it’ll definitely get the job done for you and your loved ones.