Best Ice Cream Scoop [2020 Full Guide]

Best Ice Cream Scoop [2020 Full Guide]

If you’re thinking about making your own ice cream, or you just purchase your own ice cream often, then it can be worth looking at getting an ice cream scoop. Not only can ice cream scoops make your ice cream look nicer, but they’re also extremely handy for portion sizing, which is necessary when eating calorific ice cream.

But out of the different options out there, is one option much better than the other? Or are all ice cream scoops relatively similar? Well, listed below are some of the best ice cream scoops available right now, so let’s have a look at the similarities and differences between them.

Best Ice Cream Scoop

Sumo Ice Cream Scoop

SUMO Ice Cream Scoop: Solid Stainless Steel. Dishwasher Safe (Red)
  • THE INDESTRUCTIBLE SCOOPER: Kiss those snapped scoops and bent spoons goodbye forever. The ultra-strong SUMO stainless steel scoop is the last icecream scooper you'll ever buy. Enjoy your pure metal scoop forever without scratches, chips, bends, or breaks.
  • DESSERT TIME, ANY TIME: No more setting your ice cream out to soften. Instead, savor your favorite flavors any time your cravings strike with your SUMO scoop. What makes it the best ice cream scoop ever? The chiseled tip slices straight through even the hardest ice cream with ease.
  • NO SLIP, NO STRAIN, NO PAIN: Tired of ice cream spoon handles that bend under pressure and leave you with aching wrists? Then, make the switch to SUMO. Dip into your frozen dairy treats effortlessly and without pain thanks to our ergonomic design and comfy, squishy-yet-grippy rubber handle

This ice cream scoop is made of stainless steel. This makes it extra strong such that it does not bend, crack or even break. Once you purchase it, it will last you forever. You will not need to buy another one. It has a very comfortable handle made of rubber that offers a firm grip.

Its tip is shaped like a chisel which enables it to glide through hard or frozen ice cream. You no longer need to melt your ice cream for easy scooping. With this scoop, have your ice cream as hard as it is.

Sumo ice cream scoop is safe for wash in the dishwasher. There are no risks of safety while using it because it’s BPA free. Its handle does not bend while scooping hard ice cream unlike other scoops. You do not need to struggle to scoop ice cream with this scoop. It makes work easier for you.

This scoop has never broken so it is the best scoop for you. Once you purchase it, you get lifetime warranty. In case you experience difficulties with the Sumo scoop after purchasing it or it does not please you, inform the company and they’ll replace your scoop with a new one.

Spring Chef Ice Cream

Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop with Comfortable Handle, Mint
  • THE LAST ICE CREAM SCOOP YOU'LL NEED - Genuine heavy duty tool that is strong and sturdy with no mechanical gimmicks or moving parts that can break. Plus it's Dishwasher Safe. Great for other creative kitchen uses as well including using it to scoop out seeds from melons or filling peppers with stuffing. Works amazingly well for gelato and custard too and is guaranteed by our Lifetime Warranty.
  • CREATE PERFECT SPHERES OF ICE CREAM - cuts through smoothly and effortlessly so that ice cream curls onto itself, making beautiful and well-proportioned scoops for cones, brownies, sundaes, pies and more.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN SAVES YOU TIME AND ENERGY - Unique shape that is the best combination of a scoop and spade to help you easily tackle rock hard frozen desserts. Curved area of scoop makes brilliant curls while the thin edges help dig out ice cream from the corners of the container so you can enjoy every last tasty bite. The mint handle even has a notch to lift container lids which will keep your hands happy.

Spring Chef Ice Cream is very strong and sturdy. It does not have any moving parts capable of breaking or getting damaged. It is safe to use because it has a handle made of rubber which is comfortable and that makes the grip firm enough. The handle also prevents the cold on the metal from getting to your skin.

You get a lifetime warranty for this scoop once you purchase it. This is so because it does not break or get damaged. You can wash this scoop in your dishwasher. It is safe. You can also use this scoop to scoop other things such as the seeds from a watermelon, custard and gelato, among others.

The scoop itself has an elegant and fancy look that is pleasing to anyone who uses it. It rolls ice cream into perfect curls when released and gives nice proportioned scoops that can be used in pies, brownies, cones, and other desserts.

The scoop has thin edges that make it easy for you to scoop completely frozen ice cream. The edges also assist you to access the ice cream on the sides of the container which are usually difficult to obtain while using most scoops.

Vollrath Ice Cream Scoop

Vollrath (47140) 4 oz. Stainless Steel Disher
  • NSF certified dishers has molded one-piece handle improves durability, makes cleaning easy and prevents handle from coming apart
  • Stainless steel bowl and components to prevent corrosion and insure longer life; blade extends beyond bowl to prevent sticking
  • Color-coded handle for no-guess size selection; extended grooved handle provides a sure grip for comfortable use

The bowl of this scoop is made of stainless steel which prevents corrosion of the bowl by various substances. It also helps the bowl to last longer. There are blades that extend past the bowl to avoid the ice cream from sticking.

Vollrath ice cream scoop is NSF certified. It contains a handle that is in one piece without crevices. This ensures no water or bacteria is collected and harbored. The handle is made of polypropylene and is usually colored to make it appealing.

The surface of the handle is ribbed and grooved to give a firm grip and to increase comfort ability for use. It has a stopper notch that is built-in to prevent it from slipping through your hands. The handles are coated and have Agon antimicrobial that offers protection and ensures that it is safe to use with food.

The different colors on the handles are used to mark the sizes of the bowls. For example the gray handle is for the 4 ounce capacity scoop which is usually used in restaurants. The bowls of each size have exact dimensions such that there’s consistency in capacities to 5%. You can use this scoop commercially with assurance of consistency.

Balci Ice Cream Scoop

Professional Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop by BALCI - No-Thaw Hard Ice Cream Scoop - Dishwasher Safe - Non-Slip Rubber Grip Ice Cream Scooper Spade - Black
  • SMART POINTED TIP: LIFE'S TOO SHORT FOR MELTED ICE-CREAM! Now you can smoothly glide through rock-solid frozen ice-cream cartons with the BALCI premium ice cream scoop, thanks to its chisel tip!
  • SOLID STAINLESS STEEL: NOT ALL SCOOPS ARE CREATED EQUAL! Unlike all those flimsy ice cream scoopers that bend easily, our heavy-duty, professional ice cream scoop is made from indestructible stainless steel!
  • ERGONOMIC RUBBER GRIP: ALL THE ICE-CREAM, MINUS THE MESS! Our nonstick ice cream scoop features a comfy and non-slip BPA Free rubber handle, which is ideal for children, adults and seniors who can't wait to have ice-cream!

It is made using stainless steel that’s indestructible. This makes it strong and ensures it does not break or crack. It has a handle that’s made of rubber. The rubber provides you with a firm grip when holding it and prevents the scoop from sliding from your hands. This scoop is safe for use by anyone including children because the rubber handle is free of BPA.

The bowl of this scoop contains a chisel top. This assists you to scoop even the frozen ice creams that are solid hard without using much effort or getting pain on your wrists. They do not bend while scooping hard ice creams.

Use your dishwasher to clean the Balci ice cream scoop with no doubt of damage whatsoever. It is completely safe for dishwasher. This also reduces the time you take to wash it and you can use it as many times as you wish in a day by quickly washing it.

Enjoy equal amounts of ice cream with this scoop. You do not have to keep estimating so that everyone gets an equal share. This scoop does that for you. It gives you the perfect scoop for all your desserts such as brownies. You get a lifetime warranty on purchase of this scoop.

OXO Good Grips Ice Cream Scoop

OXO Good Grips Solid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop
  • Solid stainless steel Scoop won't chip or discolor
  • Pointed tip easily scoops even hard ice cream
  • Flat edges reach into corners of ice cream containers

Oxo Good Grips Ice Cream Scoop is made of stainless steel that is strong preventing bending or breaking while at use. It also increases the durability of the scoop. This scoop does not chip off and does not get discolored despite washing it a couple of times. This is because of the stainless steel.

It has a handle that is smooth and soft for the comfort of your hands. As from the name, the handle has a firm enough grip to prevent it from easily slipping off when using it. It is safe for washing in the dishwasher and for health purposes. It does not pose any risks to anyone using it. Children can also use it comfortably.

This scoop is fit for use with frozen ice cream, frozen yogurt and even sorbet. It scoops these hard items very easily with the aid of its pointed tip and no much effort is required. It also has flat edges on the bowls that assist you to access the corners of all types of containers. This way you get to have all the ice cream in the container. You do not waste ice cream by throwing away the container with bits of ice cream.

Get yourself the best ice cream scoop that lasts forever and enjoy ice cream at the comfort of your home at whatever time you desire.

What to look for in an Ice Cream Scoop?

Ice cream is something most people enjoy especially on hot summer days. The beauty of the scooped ice cream makes your ice cream even more delicious. For desserts such as brownies, specific amounts of ice cream is required. You require a good scoop for correct measurements. One challenge you encounter mostly is scooping the ice cream when it’s still frozen – so is there a specific scoop that’s better for the type of hard ice cream?

The best ice cream scoops give equal amounts of scoops without much struggle. They also enable scooping of ice cream when still hard. They are durable and save you the trouble of repeatedly buying new ones. For me, I prefer a spade style scoop for this, as it makes things much easier when dealing with hard ice cream. Granted, it’s still possible to do this with a traditional scoop, but for me a spade scoop is the better choice (which is why I’ve mainly put spade scoops in this list!).


The most important thing to consider when you’re getting an ice cream scoop is the price. Because they’re all very similar in the way that they’re made, then it makes sense to try and find a good deal. You can often find ice cream scoops at around $10, so if you’re on a tight budget, then you can find a cheap one.


Another thing to consider when you’re purchasing an ice cream scoop is the style of the scoop itself. Many scoops use a rubber handle, which can make it a lot easier to get a firm grip on the scoop itself. However, some scoops have a metal handle, which although might feel better quality, can be a little more difficult to hold.


Another thing to consider when getting an ice cream scoop is the style of the scoop itself. Depending on what you’re looking for, one style may be a better choice – personally, I like the spade style scoop much more than the traditional older ice cream scoop, as it’s easier to dig at the bottom of the tub.


Overall, these are just a few of the best ice cream scoops that you can find available online. Generally, ice cream scoops don’t vary too much in the way their made, so with any of these models, you should be pretty good to go.

However, depending on the type of ice cream that you’re going to be making, one of these scoops might be more suitable than the others (if you are going to make ice cream, then you might want to pick up an ice cream maker too). For soft serve ice cream, it can be a better idea to opt for a disher style scoop, as you’ll easily be able to scoop your ice cream up. However, for soft ice cream, it might be wiser to get a spade style scoop, as this can easily allow you to dig into harder ice cream. So, depending on your needs, each of these may prove to be a good option for you.

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