50 Ice Cream Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

50 Ice Cream Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

So, you find ice cream kinda interesting huh? Well, me too. So much so in fact that I’ve compiled this list of some of the best and weirdest ice cream facts that you’ll find on the entire internet! So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some super weird ice cream facts that you’ll undoubtedly find as interesting as I do.

1. We still don’t know who invented ice cream

Although we know ice cream travelled over to Europe from the Middle East back in the 1600s, we aren’t entirely sure how the first ice cream was made. Ice cream was developed from sherbet (or Sharbat, as the Egyptians called it), which the Pharaohs used to enjoy to quench their thirst in the heat. After this, sherbet travelled to Europe (how this happened is unknown too, though some myths say Marco Polo brought ice cream back from China, to the Middle East and onto Europe).

2. The average ice cream cone takes around 50 licks to finish it completely

Now, this isn’t an exact science, but it’s estimated that your average one scoop ice cream that you get will take around 50 licks to finish it completely. But, who gets one scoop anyways, right?

3. Apparently, the Ice Cream Sundae was really invented on a Sunday

Though not definite, it’s said that the name Ice Cream Sundae actually originates because they were made specifically for a Sunday dessert.

Apparently, serving ice cream sodas was illegal on a Sunday many years ago (for religious reasons, respectively). A gentleman named Ed Berners decided to get around this law by inventing the ice cream Sundae and serving that instead. All I can say is; Thanks, Ed.

4. The Worlds Tallest Ice Cream Cone was over 2.7m tall until 2015

For a long time, the world’s tallest ice cream cone was only a measly 2.7m tall. I know, pathetic right? Well, that was until 2015, when Norwegian Hennig-Olsen IS As and Trond L Wøien created a behemoth that exceeded the 3 metre mark. A job well done, guys.


5. The Most Popular Ice Cream Topping?

Is it sprinkles? Is it whipped cream? Well no, it’s chocolate syrup of course! Whilst my biased love for whipped cream on top of my ice cream almost prevent me from saying this, chocolate syrup is the top dog. Not that I have anything against a healthy dose of chocolate syrup..

6. The Waffle Cone was invented.. by accident!

Whilst the Waffle Cone is one of the most loved variations of ice cream to date, it was actually invented by accident!

One day in 1904 in Missouri, an ice cream seller realised that he had totally run out if ice cream cones. To deal with this and the demand of his customers, he spoke to a waffle vendor and decided to combine to two together.. they proved to be a massive hit!

7. Between 87-90% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer right now!

Although the exact amount is unknown, it’s estimated that more than 87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer at this very moment. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing looking at the obesity rate in the US, but hey – you can’t just blame ice cream for that, right?

8. Kiwis are the only Nation that consume for Ice Cream than America!

New Zealanders are the only country that consume more ice cream than Americans. In comparison to this, India are the country who consume the least ice cream.

9. It takes more than 3 Gallons of Milk for just 1 Gallon of Ice Cream

Whilst this does vary depending on the brand you buy or how you make your ice cream, it’s generally accepted that you need 3 times the amount of milk to make a gallon of ice cream. I’m sorry milk, but’s it’s a sacrifice we had to make. Let’s hope the ice cream doesn’t go off!

10. In the 1700s, only the wealthiest Americans enjoyed Ice Cream

Although it likely wasn’t ice cream as we know it to be today, only the wealthiest Americans spent their hard earned money making ice cream back in the 18th Century. Of course, this is before the invention of the modern refrigerator, so it makes sense that the majority weren’t able to enjoy the delicious treat.

11. Brain Freeze Occurs Most when it hits the top of your mouth

Every wondered what really makes brain freeze occur in your mouth? Well, we know that brain freeze occurs when something touches the roof of your mouth. This triggers your sinuses and irritates your nerves, giving you a brain freeze.

12. Over 20% of us are happy to share our ice cream with our dogs and other pets


This will either make you smile because it’s cute, or wince with disgust. Over 20% of people are happy to let our dogs and cats have a little lick of our ice cream and carry on eating it ourselves. I mean, it’s no different than when your dog kisses you in the face is it?

13. Vanilla is still the top flavor in terms of popularity 

Boring vanilla, right? Wrong! Whilst you might think vanilla is kinda boring, it’s actually the most popular flavor in the United States and globally. It’s interesting to read just how these little vanilla pods spread throughout the world and become the most popular ice cream flavor.

14. 8 degrees is the optimal temperature for serving ice cream

Whilst your ice cream doesn’t have to be exactly 8 degrees to be an optimal temperature, it’s a good target. Most vendors will try to keep their ice cream somewhere between 6 and 10 degrees , so 8 degrees is a good target to ensure your ice cream is between these two levels.

15. Chocolate ice cream was actually invented before vanilla!

Believe it or not, chocolate ice cream was actually invented before vanilla ice cream. This is likely because it was much easier for ice cream maker to get hold of cocoa than get hold of vanilla beans.

16. If you get brain freeze, hold your tongue against the roof of your mouth to combat it

I already mentioned that the reason we get brain freeze is when ice cream touches the top of our mouths. But the best way to stop the brain freeze this? Well, the best way to combat this is to put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, which cools down the sinuses and allows your nerves to return to normal.

17. The average person in the United States consumes almost 50 pints of ice cream a year (that’s one per week!)

Do you consume a pint of ice cream a week? If you do, you’re just about average. And although ice cream consumption has decreased slightly, it’s still one of the most popular desserts in the World.

18. The largest ice cream sundae was 24 tons in weight!


The largest ice cream sundae was made in Edmonton, Alberta and it weighed in at a whopping 24 tons. That’s the same as around 6 Asian elephants, or 20 small mini coopers.

19. Sunday is historically the best day for ice cream sales.

As you might expect, Sunday is usually the best day for ice cream sales throughout the world. This is likely because Sunday is the best times to sit back and relax with your favorite delicious frozen treat!

20. Did you know there was a hot dog ice cream?

Though you might be slightly disgusted by this, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Combining two of the most popular summer snacks to make the hot dog ice cream, Morgenstens made something unique that many people were queuing up to buy. I’ll let you decide whether it’s delicious or kinda weird.

21. July is still known an ‘National Ice Cream Month” in America

Although you might not know it, July is actually still known as National Ice Cream month in the US. The celebrations usually take place on the third Sunday of the month and originated in 1984.

22. We don’t know who developed ice cream more; the French or the Italians

Image: disneyfoodblog.com

Though ice cream is openly thought to be an Italian thing, many people think that ice cream developed more in Paris. So much so, that you’ll find some of the most delicious ice cream shops in the French capital.

23. Here’s the first ice cream recipe ever recored in the US

Whilst the definite creator of ice cream is still unknown, we do know where the first ice cream recipe ever recorded is.

24. Pecans are the most popular nut addition in any ice cream


Pecans.. really? That’s exactly what I thought when I read that pecans are the most popular nut addition to an ice cream. To me, this is almost a travesty. Hazelnut, anyone?

25. And fruit? You guessed it – strawberry chunks are the most popular fruit chunk

Whilst pecans surprised me, this one didn’t. Strawberry chunks are the most popular addition to an ice cream globally, which makes sense as strawberry ice cream is one of the top 3 flavors!

26. It’s a great source of phosphorous

I bet you thought ice cream was entirely bad for you. Well, there are some positives about ice cream. It’s a good source of phosphorous, which your body needs to function (it’s the second most abundant mineral after calcium).

27. Ice cream has a bad rep! It’s a great source of vitamin A and vitamin B, too

You’d actually be surprised by some of the good minerals and vitamins that you’ll find in a delicious ice cream. You’ll get some A, B, C and a variety of other goodies, which makes me feel a little less guilty about the high sugar and fat content.

28. The first commercial ice cream factory was set up in Baltimore

During the early 1800s, ice cream was only sold on a small scale – like your local shop or ice cream man. It wasn’t until the mid 1800s that ice cream started to be produced on a bigger scale. The man behind this was Jacob Fussell, a local Quaker. He was selling other dairy products, and using his leftover cream to make ice cream. As demand grew, Fussel decided to go all in on his ice cream production.

29. Ice cream is a $20 billion dollar industry

Yep, you heard that right. Although Ice cream sales have declined slightly, they are still worth well in excess of $20 billion a year, especially with all the new ice cream brands being introduced. Impressive right?

30. Air is actually one of the most important ingredients of ice cream

Air is underestimated, and without it we wouldn’t be able to enjoy ice cream the same way. Ever had a bowl of ice cream that melted, then you refroze it and it just didn’t taste as good? Well, this is because almost half of the volume of ice cream is made up of air (between 30-50%).

31. John Harrison, professional ice cream taster, had his tongue insured for a cool $1 million

Dreyer’s ice cream tester John Harrison tasted so much ice cream, that he had his tongue insured for a million dollars. He’s reported as tasting millions of gallons of ice cream in his long serving career at Dreyer’s.

32. Canadians like to eat their ice cream in winter

Canada is one of the only ‘cold’ countries that actually sell more ice cream through the winter months than in the summer. Weird, right?

33. Is this the weirdest ice cream ever?


And it’s available at only $220 a scoop.. bargain, right?

34. Ice cream should have a minimum 10% fat content unless stated

If you look at some of the more expensive brands, they’ll have a fat content of over 15%, but cheaper brands may only have a fat content of 10%. To be considered a true ice cream, it must have a minimum fat content of 10%.

35. Gelato should have a slightly lower fat content, at around 8%


With a slightly lower fat content than ice cream is gelato, although the majority of people don’t know the difference between the two.

36. Sorbet has no milk whatsoever (and if it does, it’s sherbet!)

Sorbet is traditionally an excellent option for vegans eating at a restaurant. Why? Well, you don’t need to worry about milk or other ingredients as it only generally has three; fruit juice/puree, water and sugar! Sorbet is a fantastic choice if you’re suffering from allergies and want to stop getting colds and sore throats.

38. President George Washington spent $200 a year on ice cream

It’s no secret that George Washington loved his ice cream. He would often use it as a welcoming gift for guests and other leaders coming to visit the United States. As you can imagine, this means he racked up a pretty substantial bill.

39. Deep fried ice cream is extremely popular in South East Asian Countries

If you’ve never tried deep fried ice cream, then you simply have to! It’s one of the most unique things that you can try, and many South East Asian countries enjoy deep fried ice cream as a dessert.

40. Almost 20% of Americans like to eat ice cream in bed (me too!)

Where do you like to eat your ice cream? Well, over 20% of American’s like to enjoy their ice cream in their bed, which sounds pretty darn good to me!

41. Back in the day, they used mashed potato instead of ice cream on TV shows

Wondering why? Well, ice cream would actually melt way too fast for the television shows because the lights were too hot. This would leave them with runny ice cream; not good for demonstrating how to make ice cream!

42. Ron Weasley loves ice cream more than you


If you thought that you loved ice cream, then you’re probably right; but not as much as Harry potter star Rupert Grint. Rupert loves ice cream so much that after starring in the multi billion dollar franchise, he bought his own ice cream van.

43. The Frozen Haute is still the most expensive ice cream ever at $25,000

If you’ve never heard of the Frozen Haute, then there’s a chance that you probably don’t want to. It sold back in 2007 for a whopping $25,000, making it the most expensive ice cream of all time.

44. Ice cream is one of the most missed food by astronauts


Ice cream is one of the top 3 missed foods by astronauts as they ascend into space for long periods of time. The others? Pizza and fizzy drinks.

45. In Glasgow, Ice Cream was a matter of life and death.. literally


Okay, so the infamous Ice Cream Wars was about more than just ice cream – it was about drugs and guns too. And the likelihood is that the ice cream trucks were just a cover for some more dark and sinister stuff.

46. Which State produces the most ice cream in the United States?

California! It’s no surprise that the largest US state produces the most amount of ice cream. There’s an abundance of awesome ice creams shops there for you to try.

47. 1 in 30 people like to enjoy an ice cream in the.. bathtub?

Much like many of the mysteries in life, some things just cannot be explained. Around 3% of people like to enjoy their ice cream whilst they’re chilling in the tub.

48. Ben & Jerrys is so chunky because the founder has no sense of smell or taste

One of the more commonly known facts shared by Ben and Jerrys founders is that the reason they produce such chunky ice cream is that founder Ben actually has no sense of smell, and very little taste. He still likes the text of eating chunky ice cream, which is why their ice creams are filled with nuts and other chunks. Sorry Ben, but we can can we’re almost glad you have no sense of smell; we love some of your chunky ice creams!

49. Immigrants to Ellis Island were given Ice Cream on their arrival


Back in the late 1800s, immigrants that landed at Ellis Island were often greeted with.. you guessed it, ice cream!

50. 1776 was the year the first ice cream parlour was opened in the United States!

Whilst the first ice cream parlour was opened in 1686 in Paris, it was 90 years later that the first ice cream parlour was opened in the United States in NYC.

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