Calories in Oven Chips

Calories in Oven Chips

If you’re conscious about the amount of calories in oven chips, then you’re right to be so. They’re fairly high in calories, as they’re primarily made up of carbohydrates but also have a substantial amount of fat in them too. Though we do think that oven chips get a fairly bad rap in comparison to other foods. It seems that the most common criticism is that they’re very ‘more-ish’, and it’s easy to eat a lot of them. But, if you’re good at portioning out your meals and have some self control, oven chips aren’t the worst thing in the world by any means.

There’s a lot of talk about the best way to cook your chips to make sure that they’re low in calories. Whilst this can be true, we also think that it’s kind of a fad. You can reduce the amount of fat in your chips but home cooking them, but the calorie count isn’t going to be massively different by any means.

So, with all of these chips compared to each other, what can we really conclude from this information? Well, the calories in oven chips is pretty similar in all of them. With the most calorific being the McCains oven chips, this is only because they have a higher amount of carbohydrates in them, likely meaning they are made up of more potato.

What we can see though is that the homemade chips aren’t actually lower in calories than any of the others. Of course, there might be other recipes that lower the calorie count slightly, but that won’t make too much of an impact. The likelihood is that homemade chips won’t be any lower in calories than the ones you buy from the store.

Unless we’re talking sweet potato chips, but that’s a whole other story!

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