Ice Cream vs Sorbet

With summers around the corner, the food preferences of people are changing slowly. It can be peculiar for a person to choose between ice cream and sorbet on a hot afternoon. Whether it’s for personal consumption or a social event, both options appear equally tempting.

However, it’s not possible to have them both at the same time, which requires a breakdown of their advantages and disadvantages. Although there is no clear choice between the two, people can efficiently use this ice cream vs sorbet guide to decide the perfect choice according to occasion and personal preference.


Ice cream and sorbets can be made through a variety of methods but the main difference between their ingredients is that sorbets don’t have any dairy product. Other than that, both of them often contain sugar, fruits, flavors, etc.

Nutritional Information

Ice creams can have varying nutritional value depending on the cream and sugar type. Many low fat ice creams contain as low as 5 grams of fat whereas rich milk ice creams may contain up to 75 grams of fat in a single serving. On the other hand, sorbets usually have zero fat as they do not contain any dairy products.

The calorific value of dairy ice cream is generally double to that of sorbet. Similarly, ice creams contain more amounts of other nutrients too such as calcium, potassium, Vitamin A etc. On the other hand, sorbet contains almost the same amount of sugar as ice creams along with a larger amount of Vitamin C.

Benefits and Disadvantages

Ice creams and sorbets provide instant relief to the body and mind during sweltering heat. Ice cream is a good source of vitamins and nutrients
whereas a sorbet is a great option for hydrating the body. Ice cream can be paired with chocolates, milk, dry fruits etc. to make a wide range of
delicacies including milkshakes and fudges. Sorbet can also be paired with lemon, fruits and similar options to improve its nutritional value and taste.

Both ice creams and sorbet may contain harmful substances such as sweeteners, corn syrup with high fructose, chemically processed natural
flavors etc. Prolonged consumption of such ice creams or sorbet can lead to severe medical complications. On the other hand, people should also not consume either food in large quantities on a regular basis as they can lead to high sugar levels and numerous other problems such as heart ailments, tooth cavities, diabetes, hyperactivity in children and nutritional deficiency.

Why choose sorbet

People who are on a diet and do not want to take any extra calories should choose sorbet. Since sorbet has good amounts of sugar, it is highly efficient in providing the body with carbohydrates and energy. Therefore, people with a hectic schedule can easily carry a bottle of thermos to stay energized throughout the day. This is also an inexpensive and delicious solution to stay hydrated during summer parties and workout sessions.

When to go for ice cream

People can choose ice cream if they want a rich and creamy taste. Ice cream can easily be paired with a wide range of foods such as chocolates, milk, fruits, honey and cake to make numerous delicacies. People can also prepare special ice cream recipes to impress their guests at a social event or gathering.


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