Ice Cream versus Gelato

We all love the summer season as we can consume mounds of our favorite dessert. Consumption of our beloved dessert ice cream has become synonymous with summer. However, not all ice creams are created equal. Even though, as a consumer you might not be able to differ between “Ice cream versus gelato”, but the truth is that both of them are quite different. There are quite a few things which set them apart. We will highlight some of the differences to help you choose your best dessert and to not confuse one with the other.

Fat content

When you compare the fat content in “Ice cream versus gelato”, it is important for you to realize that ice cream consists of fat content above 10%. In fact, FDA can only categorize it as ice cream when the fat content is above 10%. On the other hand, when you look at the fat content in gelato, it often is below 10%. Generally speaking, it is in the range of 4% to 9%. Thus, the main difference is in the fat content.


When you compare the density of normal ice cream with gelato, you will realize that the latter is much denser. The reason for this is that the normal ice cream which we have consists of 50% air intensity. On the other hand, when you look at the higher density in gelato, you will realize that it consists of only 20% to 30% air. As a result, the amount of air trapped inside the gelato is on the lower side.

Serving temperature

When you compare the serving temperature of both the options, you will realize that the serving temperature of gelato is at least 10F to 15F hotter as compared to ice cream temperature. Owing to the higher temperature, there is a definite change in texture in gelato. The texture is much more creamy. In addition to that, the flavors are bolder as well. The intensity of flavors is also on the higher side. As it is at a higher temperature, it gives a feeling of melting in the mouth. This is the reason why gelato has become so popular all over the world. In case, gelato served at the same temperature as ice cream, it will become rock solid. When ice cream is served at such a low temperature, the air inside does not allow it to become rock solid. As a result, you will be able to serve ice cream at such low temperatures quite easily. As gelato consists of less quantity of air, the same cannot be said about it.

Presence of cream

In the traditional ice cream, there is a significant presence of cream. As a result, the fat content is also on the higher side. On the other hand, when you look at the ingredients of gelato, it predominantly consists of milk. As a result, the amount of fat is on the lower side.

Thus, when you’re comparing ice cream versus gelato, there are quite a few differences which you have to keep in mind. The next time around, you’re looking to pick your favorite dessert, do keep these few factors in mind before picking between ice cream versus gelato.


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