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Ice Cream for Babies

Most people normally like taking ice cream whenever it is hot. You will note that most of them usually prefer the delicious frozen treat especially during a hot summer day. Both adults and kids can readily take ice cream. However, did you know that babies can take ice cream as well? If your baby is 12 months and above, he or she can readily take an ice cream. However, one has to be cautious so as to avoid further complications. Some babies are sensitive to milk products. This is because most of them are used to breast
milk only. However, with time, the baby usually get used to these dairy products. Before you think of getting ice cream for your baby, you should know a number of things. These include:

Avoid buying ice cream from street vendors.

There are people who normally sell ice cream in the streets. Some of them usually preserve these ice creams well while others don’t. In most cases, these ice creams are normally heat pasteurized, thereby killing the bacteria that can make it go bad. If you want to buy one, you should not buy it from these vendors. Some of these ice cream are not stored well. If the ice cream is not stored well, it might go bad and this can be detrimental to your baby.

Check the ingredients

This might be time consuming but it is worth it. You should actually read the ingredients that have been used so that you can know the right one to choose. You will note that some ingredients might cause allergic
reactions and so on. Remember that the immunity of small babies is usually low. In this case, you need to take caution when choosing these ice creams. If the ice cream has ingredients such as nuts and strawberry, it can cause allergic reactions on your baby.


Moderate everything

In most case, babies are normally used to breast milk only. Some babies might be excited to take ice cream. You should not give him or her a lot of ice cream. You should give him or her in small bits. Remember that the sugar content present in it can damage the teeth of your baby. You should not overfeed him or her with it. Let him or her take one spoon or two in a week.

Consider other alternatives

You can introduce other alternatives if your baby likes the ice cream. In this case, it is advisable to try smoothies, fruit custard and soon. However, it is advisable that you cool them first. This will make them the baby feel as though as she is taking a cold ice cream.

Most babies usually like sugary substances. Ice cream might happen to be one of those things that your baby can like. However, it is advisable that you regulate the number of times that you give him or her the
ice cream. You can give your baby a treat by getting him an ice cream. You should consider these ideas and you will not regret.

Ice Cream vs Sorbet

With summers around the corner, the food preferences of people are changing slowly. It can be peculiar for a person to choose between ice cream and sorbet on a hot afternoon. Whether it’s for personal consumption or a social event, both options appear equally tempting.

However, it’s not possible to have them both at the same time, which requires a breakdown of their advantages and disadvantages. Although there is no clear choice between the two, people can efficiently use this ice cream vs sorbet guide to decide the perfect choice according to occasion and personal preference.


Ice cream and sorbets can be made through a variety of methods but the main difference between their ingredients is that sorbets don’t have any dairy product. Other than that, both of them often contain sugar, fruits, flavors, etc.

Nutritional Information

Ice creams can have varying nutritional value depending on the cream and sugar type. Many low fat ice creams contain as low as 5 grams of fat whereas rich milk ice creams may contain up to 75 grams of fat in a single serving. On the other hand, sorbets usually have zero fat as they do not contain any dairy products.

The calorific value of dairy ice cream is generally double to that of sorbet. Similarly, ice creams contain more amounts of other nutrients too such as calcium, potassium, Vitamin A etc. On the other hand, sorbet contains almost the same amount of sugar as ice creams along with a larger amount of Vitamin C.

Benefits and Disadvantages

Ice creams and sorbets provide instant relief to the body and mind during sweltering heat. Ice cream is a good source of vitamins and nutrients
whereas a sorbet is a great option for hydrating the body. Ice cream can be paired with chocolates, milk, dry fruits etc. to make a wide range of
delicacies including milkshakes and fudges. Sorbet can also be paired with lemon, fruits and similar options to improve its nutritional value and taste.

Both ice creams and sorbet may contain harmful substances such as sweeteners, corn syrup with high fructose, chemically processed natural
flavors etc. Prolonged consumption of such ice creams or sorbet can lead to severe medical complications. On the other hand, people should also not consume either food in large quantities on a regular basis as they can lead to high sugar levels and numerous other problems such as heart ailments, tooth cavities, diabetes, hyperactivity in children and nutritional deficiency.

Why choose sorbet

People who are on a diet and do not want to take any extra calories should choose sorbet. Since sorbet has good amounts of sugar, it is highly efficient in providing the body with carbohydrates and energy. Therefore, people with a hectic schedule can easily carry a bottle of thermos to stay energized throughout the day. This is also an inexpensive and delicious solution to stay hydrated during summer parties and workout sessions.

When to go for ice cream

People can choose ice cream if they want a rich and creamy taste. Ice cream can easily be paired with a wide range of foods such as chocolates, milk, fruits, honey and cake to make numerous delicacies. People can also prepare special ice cream recipes to impress their guests at a social event or gathering.

Ice Cream on Keto

Whether you’re following a ketogenic diet for weight loss, a medical condition, or other reasons, the primary challenge of this diet is keeping your body in ketosis. When your body is deprived of its main energy source, carbohydrates, it starts to use fat for fuel. Using fat in the form of ketones instead of carbohydrates is only possible if you restrict your carbohydrate intake.

While some people follow varying restrictions, the general guideline to stay in ketosis is a maximum of 50 grams of carbohydrates a day. Some ketogenic diet plans have more severe restrictions and may limit your carbohydrate intake to 20 grams per day. When you follow this plan, it’s important to read labels and understand where you find carbohydrates in your food. Since the average person gets at least 50 grams of carbohydrates per meal, you’ll have to be vigilant.

Ice Cream on Ketosis

If you enjoy ice cream and are following a ketogenic diet, then it may be difficult for you to have this treat. If you limit your portion to a ¼ cup serving, you can still include it in your diet. A ¼ cup of vanilla ice cream has less than eight grams of carbohydrates so you can usually include this in your meal plan. However, choosing this as a treat may limit healthier types of carbohydrates like vegetables which include important nutrients. Regular ice cream may not be your best option.

Sugar free ice creams are often had with a ketogenic diet. These will have fewer carbohydrates in most cases so you can have a larger serving without breaking your diet plan. However, since they contain sugar alcohols, you may have some uncomfortable side effects as they may cause bloating and diarrhea.

A third choice that may be your best option is low-carb ice cream which may also be referred to as keto ice cream. Keto ice cream is a good option as it is made from heavy whipping cream which contains only three grams of carbohydrates in a cup serving. To add a sweeter flavor, there will be fruit or cocoa in some varieties. Some kinds will also have oil added to increase the fat content or egg white powder to increase the protein content.

Keep in mind that while keto ice cream is available, it may not be as sweet as regular cream. Most people notice the richness and enjoy the texture. This choice is a good one when you have a craving for a sweet treat but don’t want to cheat on their diet plan. If you can’t find any keto ice cream in your area, then consider making your own. There are a variety of recipes that are easy to use and don’t require an ice cream machine to make.

Although being on a ketogenic diet can be challenging long-term, you can still enjoy some of your favorite foods in moderation. Ice cream can be a part of a ketogenic diet with either a small serving or a modified version of traditional ice cream.

Is Ice Cream Good for a Sore Throat/Cold?

Having a sore/cold throat can cause a lot of discomforts and inconveniences. These include restrictions of the kind of foods that one can eat. But there are certain types of foods that can significantly help when it comes to cold/sore throat. These are especially the foods that can be used as home remedies. While having a sore throat one usually gets the craving for some foods such as ice cream. But some people feel that ice cream might worsen the symptoms of the sore throat. This makes it paramount to know whether ice cream is good for a cold/sore throat.

Ice cream can significantly help when it comes to sore throat. This is because the ice cream is soft and cold. Consequently, it will sooth the throat therefore providing temporary relief. The low temperature of the ice cream also numbs the nerves on the throat which plays an important role in reducing the effects of the cold throat symptoms. The ice cream will not provide a permanent solution since sore throat is usually caused by different things with the main one being virus. The body will heal itself after some time. But to get a temporary relief one can eat small quantities of ice cream.

Another primary reason why ice cream is good for a person with cold/sore throat is that it is one of the foods that one can easily eat while having a sore throat. The fact that ice cream is soft makes it easy to swallow even while having a sore throat. Ice creams also have different flavors and tastes. This makes them ideal especially for children with sore throats. Most children will not be comfortable eating different kinds of foods while having a sore throat. But such children will not refuse to eat ice cream since it is sweet and tasty. The ice cream will provide the body with the necessary calories especially because the body is not getting the calories from other foods.

Even if ice cream is ideal for a person with sore throat it is paramount to take the necessary precautions. One of the most important precautions is to ensure that one does not eat huge quantities of ice cream. This is because huge quantities will cause negative effects and they might even increase the symptoms of the sore throat. Instead, one should just take moderate quantities which will provide the temporary relief in a convenient manner.

Another important precaution is to drink a glass of water after taking the ice cream. This is because ice cream has a lot of sugar. Since the virus and bacteria that cause sore throat feed on sugars they will thrive on the sugar on the ice cream. But after drinking a glass of water the sugars will be wiped from the throat therefore reducing chances of the bacteria and viruses thriving.

It is also important to choose the right ice cream while having a cold/sore throat. This is because there are some types of ice cream that are ideal than others. It is advisable to avoid the ice cream that has other additives such as nuts. It is also advisable to choose the flavour that will not cause a lot of craving. Therefore, it is evident that ice cream is good for a cold/sore throat provided it is eaten in the right manner.

Ice Cream versus Gelato

We all love the summer season as we can consume mounds of our favorite dessert. Consumption of our beloved dessert ice cream has become synonymous with summer. However, not all ice creams are created equal. Even though, as a consumer you might not be able to differ between “Ice cream versus gelato”, but the truth is that both of them are quite different. There are quite a few things which set them apart. We will highlight some of the differences to help you choose your best dessert and to not confuse one with the other.

Fat content

When you compare the fat content in “Ice cream versus gelato”, it is important for you to realize that ice cream consists of fat content above 10%. In fact, FDA can only categorize it as ice cream when the fat content is above 10%. On the other hand, when you look at the fat content in gelato, it often is below 10%. Generally speaking, it is in the range of 4% to 9%. Thus, the main difference is in the fat content.


When you compare the density of normal ice cream with gelato, you will realize that the latter is much denser. The reason for this is that the normal ice cream which we have consists of 50% air intensity. On the other hand, when you look at the higher density in gelato, you will realize that it consists of only 20% to 30% air. As a result, the amount of air trapped inside the gelato is on the lower side.

Serving temperature

When you compare the serving temperature of both the options, you will realize that the serving temperature of gelato is at least 10F to 15F hotter as compared to ice cream temperature. Owing to the higher temperature, there is a definite change in texture in gelato. The texture is much more creamy. In addition to that, the flavors are bolder as well. The intensity of flavors is also on the higher side. As it is at a higher temperature, it gives a feeling of melting in the mouth. This is the reason why gelato has become so popular all over the world. In case, gelato served at the same temperature as ice cream, it will become rock solid. When ice cream is served at such a low temperature, the air inside does not allow it to become rock solid. As a result, you will be able to serve ice cream at such low temperatures quite easily. As gelato consists of less quantity of air, the same cannot be said about it.

Presence of cream

In the traditional ice cream, there is a significant presence of cream. As a result, the fat content is also on the higher side. On the other hand, when you look at the ingredients of gelato, it predominantly consists of milk. As a result, the amount of fat is on the lower side.

Thus, when you’re comparing ice cream versus gelato, there are quite a few differences which you have to keep in mind. The next time around, you’re looking to pick your favorite dessert, do keep these few factors in mind before picking between ice cream versus gelato.

Do Toasters Cook as well as Toaster Ovens?

If you’re looking at getting a new appliance for your kitchen, it’s worth doing some research before you buy. Perhaps your old toaster has broken down and you’re wondering whether you should invest in a toaster or upgrade to a fully fledged toaster oven. But is it an upgrade? Do toaster ovens cook as well as toasters, or will it just take up more space in your kitchen?

It’s clear that a toaster oven offers far more options than your regular toaster would. In a normal toaster you’re confined to the world of breaded delights such as bagels, pop tarts and regular, boring toast (no offence toast). But with a toaster oven, you open up a whole new world of possibilities. You can cook everything, from chickens to chickpeas – okay, not many people will cook chickpeas in a toaster oven, but at least it’s a possibility.

Before you purchase either, you should really assess what your criteria is. What do I need? Do I need the convenience of a toaster, or the sheer power of a toaster oven? Lets have a look at the pros and cons of both and see what the verdict is.

Toaster Ovens



  •  Versatility – The toaster oven can cook pretty much anything. Here’s 8 toaster oven recipes that show just how versatile it is.
  •  Self cleaning – Whilst cleaning a toaster can be arduous, you won’t have to worry about this as much with a toaster oven. Many of them have features that are specifically designed to self clean the toaster oven by heating it to a high temperature. This helps to burn away any grime inside the toaster oven.
  •  Adjustable racks – Toaster ovens usually have adjustable racks that make it easy to adjust to whatever you’re cooking; toast, chicken, it’s all possible.
  •  Don’t just compare it to a toaster – This is where many people fail in there assessment of a toaster oven. It ISN’T a toaster! If anything, a toaster oven is in more direct competition with a microwave or a convection oven. It’s just a bonus that it can toast as well, combining what two appliances can do into one.


  •  It takes up half your kitchen – Okay, this one isn’t necessarily true and is kind of a misconception. Toaster ovens aren’t as big as people assume they are, though they are significantly bigger than toasters.
  •  Dimensionally challenged – The biggest issue with the toaster oven is that for it’s size, you might as well invest in a microwave and use your grill for toasting. Over at consumerreports.org they found that most of the time, you couldn’t even fit 6 slices of bread in your toaster oven. That’s not great for something that takes up so much size if your kitchen.
  •  Dry toast – Another one of the primary criticisms about toaster ovens is that because the actual heating elements of the oven are so far away from smaller foods like a slice of bread, it doesn’t toast well. In fact, it leaves the toast ending up dry and lacklustre.





  •  Convenience beats everything – Whereas a toaster oven might take a little while to heat up and cook your toast, a toaster can have this done in seconds. Average Russell Hobbs toasting times are anywhere between 45 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on how you like your toast.
  •  Adjustable slot sizes – Though this isn’t true for all toasters, many have adjustable slot sizes that compress around your bread. This makes for an even and thorough toast.
  •  It’s quiet – One thing that people don’t say often about a toaster is how quiet it is. Apart from when your bread pops up to let you know it’s done, it goes about its business in relative subtlety.
  •  You’ll actually use it – If you eat toast every morning, then it’s a no brainer for you to get yourself a toaster as opposed to a toaster oven. It’s not unusual for people to buy toaster ovens and never, ever use them.


  • You don’t have many options – So apart from toast and bagels, there aren’t too many other options that you have for toasting. This is made worse by the fact that many toasters won’t even fit a slice of bread that’s too large.
  • Toasters are more likely to catch fire? – Is this a myth or is it really fact? Well, apparently toasters are dangerous. This is only the case if you’re using your toaster inappropriately, like in the bath or something.
  • Toasters nowadays are lacking in quality – According to the NY Times, toasters have been devolving ever since the 60’s. Whilst this might be true if you pick up a cheap toaster, you can still find some pretty high quality ones around.


After running through the pros and cons of each appliance, the question still remains; do toaster ovens cook as well as toasters? The answer? Well, it depends on what you’re cooking. In our opinion, a toaster will almost certainly cook toast better than a toaster oven. This is due to the proximity of the toast from the heating elements; a toaster is designed to just cook toast. Whereas a toaster oven is designed to do a multitude of different things. If you’re cooking anything larger than toast, you might be better off looking at a toaster oven for your needs.


Calories in Oven Chips

If you’re conscious about the amount of calories in oven chips, then you’re right to be so. They’re fairly high in calories, as they’re primarily made up of carbohydrates but also have a substantial amount of fat in them too. Though we do think that oven chips get a fairly bad rap in comparison to other foods. It seems that the most common criticism is that they’re very ‘more-ish’, and it’s easy to eat a lot of them. But, if you’re good at portioning out your meals and have some self control, oven chips aren’t the worst thing in the world by any means.

There’s a lot of talk about the best way to cook your chips to make sure that they’re low in calories. Whilst this can be true, we also think that it’s kind of a fad. You can reduce the amount of fat in your chips but home cooking them, but the calorie count isn’t going to be massively different by any means.

So, with all of these chips compared to each other, what can we really conclude from this information? Well, the calories in oven chips is pretty similar in all of them. With the most calorific being the McCains oven chips, this is only because they have a higher amount of carbohydrates in them, likely meaning they are made up of more potato.

What we can see though is that the homemade chips aren’t actually lower in calories than any of the others. Of course, there might be other recipes that lower the calorie count slightly, but that won’t make too much of an impact. The likelihood is that homemade chips won’t be any lower in calories than the ones you buy from the store.

Unless we’re talking sweet potato chips, but that’s a whole other story!

Ever wonder how ice cream is made from scratch?

If it’s ever interest you in learning exactly how ice cream is made, then we’re here to give you the lowdown. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for you to get ice cream the same quality at we make it at Uncle Mikes as it is our profession and we use machines worth thousand and thousands of dollars, so this isn’t at all possible.


yummy huh?

You should be really really care when choosing which ingredients that you are going to use in your ice cream. This is because the ingredients that you use in your ice cream will have a massive effect on the end product that is produced, so you really need to know what you are doing in regards to your ice cream.

If you follow the below instructions, you should be able to get an acceptable level of ice cream.

  1. Heat the milk to around 50 degrees celcius. This is the best level that you should heat your milk to so that it doesn’t curdle.
  2. You shouldn’t mix in any of the gelatin until until it has dissolved completely so that you do not need to worry about the gelatin being too thick and this will help you later in the ice cream making process
  3. Pasteurising the ice cream is also a super important part of this process, as with making any complete dairy product. Pasteurization is named after the French baker Louis Pastuer, who first invented dairy in the 17th Century. You should get the heat to approximately 75 degrees and hold it there for one or two minutes until you can see it bubbling

After this, the ice cream needs to be homogenized. This is the most important part of the process as without doing this you won’t get a really good texture to the ice cream so make sure that you do this part really well. It will also make the ice cream slightly healthier as it reduces the amount of fat that is in the ice cream significantly. And when I say significantly, I mean it! The fat will not be separated after it is stablized so don’t worry about that too much either.

After making the ice cream – Freezing and Storing

After the ice cream is finished with the homogenization process, you need to reduce the temperature to 0 degrees immediately to make sure that the ice cream is at optimum level. Unlike some other dairy substances which are best consumed fresh, you can leave ice cream for a while and it will actually improve in taste!

To freeze the ice cream, make sure that your ice cream is in a seal tight container and voila! You should have some really great ice cream for you and all of your family to enjoy. Delicious!


Why is ice cream made with salt?

Although you might think the history of ice cream is boring, you really couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s many different things about ice cream that you might not know, so here we are at Uncle Mikes to help you learn about some of the common things that you might wonder about ice cream.

Why is ice cream made with salt?

Well, this actually dates back to the 17th century and the people of that era used this specific method. If you didn’t know, salt is a primary catalyst in lowering the temperature of ice cream. Back then, they used to use it in ice cream, ice and everything like that. Ever wonder why salt was started to be used on the roads all over the world? Yes, this started because salt rose the temperature so much that the ice would then be solid instead of patchy. ice-cream-salt

So, the reason that salt is used in ice cream isn’t for taste unless in special different flavours like salted caramel. It’s actually just used to keep the ice cream of a good thickness and consistency.

Interesting, huh?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that ice cream is primarily popular throughout the heat of the summer, right? So, ever wonder what they used to use before freezers were invented?

You got it! Salted ice! Well, I say salted ice, they used to use the ice out of salt lakes, which was used specifically because it kept the temperature super low. This was actually made popular in the Lake District in the UK, which is a part of England that is full of big gorgeous lakes. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend that you got over there and visit the Lake District as it is one of the major tourist destinations in the UK outside of London and Buckingham Palace.

Anyway I hope you learned something about ice and why they use salt in it; we only use the best salt in  our ice cream!


Does Ice Cream Go Bad?

A super common question that we’re asked at Uncle Mike’s. Does ice cream go bad? Well, due to the fact that it is made of milk, then yes there’s definitely the potential for your ice cream to go off after some time. Though it won’t be immediately, this is an unfortunate inevitability that will happen, unless you take the correct precautions. Firstly, lets just clarify this; your everyday fridge won’t store your ice cream at a good temperature over larger periods of time. The freezers that we use at big ice cream parlours are different and the temperature can be adjusted different, which isn’t the norm for the majority of fridges in your house. Over time, this will lead to your ice cream becoming crystalized and ‘off’.

One of the most common problems that will occur due to this is dehydration of your ice cream. This wil leave it too runny, and eventually it’ll turn bad due to the lack of oxygen in your ice cream. Again, this will in turn make your ice cream be termed as ‘off’.


The main ways that you can prevent your ice cream from turning bad are;

  • Make sure that your freezer is running at an optimum level of cold. This should be well below 0 degrees celsius. By doing this, you minimize the chance of your ice cream going off.
  • Keep your ice cream in a seal tight container. If it isn’t completely seal, you do run the risk of letting oxygen into your ice cream, which will affect its long term shelf life.
  • Don’t leave the freezer door open whilst you’re putting your shopping in. That significant drop in temperature can have a big affect on your ice cream over time.

If you follow these instructions, you can be sure that your ice cream won’t go off within the first few months. Though I wouldn’t leave ice cream any longer than that personally, it should be good for a minimum of three months; if you take care of it.