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Ice Cream for Babies

Most people normally like taking ice cream whenever it is hot. You will note that most of them usually prefer the delicious frozen treat especially during a hot summer day. Both adults and kids can readily take ice cream. However, did you know that babies can take ice cream as well? If your baby is 12 months and above, he or she can readily take an ice cream. However, one has to be cautious so as to avoid further complications. Some babies are sensitive to milk products. This is because most of them are used to breast
milk only. However, with time, the baby usually get used to these dairy products. Before you think of getting ice cream for your baby, you should know a number of things. These include:

Avoid buying ice cream from street vendors.

There are people who normally sell ice cream in the streets. Some of them usually preserve these ice creams well while others don’t. In most cases, these ice creams are normally heat pasteurized, thereby killing the bacteria that can make it go bad. If you want to buy one, you should not buy it from these vendors. Some of these ice cream are not stored well. If the ice cream is not stored well, it might go bad and this can be detrimental to your baby.

Check the ingredients

This might be time consuming but it is worth it. You should actually read the ingredients that have been used so that you can know the right one to choose. You will note that some ingredients might cause allergic
reactions and so on. Remember that the immunity of small babies is usually low. In this case, you need to take caution when choosing these ice creams. If the ice cream has ingredients such as nuts and strawberry, it can cause allergic reactions on your baby.


Moderate everything

In most case, babies are normally used to breast milk only. Some babies might be excited to take ice cream. You should not give him or her a lot of ice cream. You should give him or her in small bits. Remember that the sugar content present in it can damage the teeth of your baby. You should not overfeed him or her with it. Let him or her take one spoon or two in a week.

Consider other alternatives

You can introduce other alternatives if your baby likes the ice cream. In this case, it is advisable to try smoothies, fruit custard and soon. However, it is advisable that you cool them first. This will make them the baby feel as though as she is taking a cold ice cream.

Most babies usually like sugary substances. Ice cream might happen to be one of those things that your baby can like. However, it is advisable that you regulate the number of times that you give him or her the
ice cream. You can give your baby a treat by getting him an ice cream. You should consider these ideas and you will not regret.